A Trio of Tricksters: Eclipse the Past, Usurp the Future Chapter One: Appearances

Summary: The war ended, and then it didn’t. Voldemort is gone but somehow Harry, Hermione and Luna ended up as Undesirables 1, 2 & 3. Controlling the future is going to take some controlling of the past, and they say those who control the present control the past, so why not make the past the present? A time-travel fix-it where a trio of tricksters set up shop and revolutionize the wizarding world, for all that it takes a great deal of time to do so.

This is chapter one, but this story has a prologue! To start from the beginning click here.

Disclaimer: Not mine! I’m like the opposite of those birds in Finding Nemo.

Chapter One: Appearances

After a quick phone call with Hermione, Harry’s mind raced as he came up with a plan. Vernon had left early for work, and Dudley was having a lie-in. That meant the only person he would have to deal with was Petunia. Speak of the devil and he shall appear.

“Who was on the phone, boy?” she snapped as she came out of the kitchen, wiping her hands on her apron.

“Just a telemarketer.” Harry tried to say as innocently as possible, and ignored her muttered condemnation of the practice. He took the opportunity to dart up the stairs and into his bedroom. Letting Hedwig out of her cage and quickly throwing all of his things into his trunk – was I really this disgusting when I was 12? – he smiled as he realized that he was never going to stay in this hellhole again.

Once everything was packed, Harry used his limited wandless magic to shrink his trunk and Hedwig’s cage without triggering the Trace[1] and tossed them in his rucksack. Scanning the room for anything left behind he didn’t see anything, with the exception of Hedwig who was perched patiently on the windowsill.

“Hey girl. Why don’t you fly on to the Leaky Cauldron? I’ll meet you there in a bit.” Hedwig gave him a look that clearly said You’d better and flew out and over the houses of Privet Drive.

Harry left the room with a happy sigh, knowing he wouldn’t miss it. Luckily his aunt was back in the kitchen, and didn’t notice as he took a total £100 out of her purse hanging off the coat rack before leaving out the front door. He walked to the train station, paid his fare, and wished he weren’t 12 looking like 10 and having to pretend his was on his way from one parent to another.

Hermione sat in the corner booth of the Leaky Cauldron, fighting the urge to jump every time one of the doors opened, or someone came through the floo. It was a reflex not just out of wanting to see her brother and wife again, but also borne out of fighting a war and then only seeing the same three people for the past three years. It was enough to make anyone jumpy, and it had been bad enough seeing her parents, whom she had not spoken to in years.

Hermione still felt guilty for what she had done, and would continue to feel that for as long as she lived. It had been pointed out to her that both erasing their memories and giving them back were acts of near murder, and she had to admit they were correct. She would do anything to change that.

Lost in her musings, she didn’t notice Luna until she and her father were sitting across from her, jumping up in surprise she banged her thighs on the table and her elbow on the wall. So much for war-won reflexes.

Luna tilted her head to the side. “A hello would have sufficed, but if you would like to go through with the traditional ceremony now –”

“Luna!” All pain forgotten at the sight of her wife, though she looked disturbingly young at this point, Hermione’s smile was wide as she realized that they had all made it back.

“Hermione, this is my father, Xenophilius. Daddy, this is my wife, Hermione.” Luna made the introductions promptly and Hermione’s eyes widened at her blasé attitude.

“That’s funny, I don’t remember a wedding. Oh well, nice to meet you Hermione, call me Xeno! Or dad if you prefer.”

“It’s nice to meet you too Xeno. I think my father might object to the ‘dad’ bit, but you never know.”

Having been married to Luna for five years, Hermione sometimes wondered why she bothered being surprised. She hadn’t known Xeno well before he died, trying to escape Malfoy manor with them; where he had been kept in hopes of dragging Luna, and therefore Harry, out of hiding.

“You never know indeed. Where is your other friend then?”

“Over there, trying to be inconspicuous, but he’s dressed like even more of a muggle than Hermione. He hasn’t seen us yet.”

Just then Harry, who had acquired a cap that covered his tell-tale scar, saw them and hurried over. Hermione gave him a bone crushing hug, and Luna had a light smile on her face as she introduced Harry as her brother.

“Well you can also call me dad if you wish. You’ll always have a home with us.” Harry, touched, but also slightly confused hid it all behind a smile as he exercised what he and Hermione called their Luna-muscles, which had been essential in forming when spending copious amounts of time with someone who made things as simple as breakfast delightfully unusual. They wouldn’t have her any other way, but it could be exhausting at times.

After a pleasant, if a bit strained brunch Xeno waved them away and Harry checked in to a room at the Leaky. Once there Hermione immediately set about casting security charms. The ability to use magic in high-density areas was about the worst-kept secret in the wizarding world and she was determined to take advantage of it.

Once she had completed her task she enthusiastically hugged them both and then flopped onto the bed. “We made it! We honest to goodness made it! It’s 1993!” she devolved into manic giggles and it wasn’t long before all three of them were getting stomach cramps from the ferocity of laughter that comes from evading death by a hair’s length.

Once they finally calmed, the trio lay quietly for a moment before Luna spoke up.

“So, we’re a little far from our goal, but not terrible. I do wish we had managed that extra year. I hate that Ginny had to go through that.”

“Second year would have been ideal, but there’s not much we can do about it now, and we’re still early enough that most of our plan will still work.” Harry reasoned.

“And you have time to change your electives,” Hermione added slyly.

“Ugh, divination, don’t remind me.”

“Don’t remind you? I still have to take it.”

“Why would you waste your time with that class?”

“Because time remember?”

Harry’s mouth fell open. “How in the name of Merlin did I forget about the time turner?”

Luna patted him gently on the head. “We’ll get there. In the meantime: shopping.”

“Ugh, Luna, you know I hate shopping,” Hermione groaned.

“I will happily shop if it means that I’m not cooped up in a house with –” at the sight of a raised eyebrow each Harry continued “my two best friends with whom I love spending time but who I think are probably sick of me?”

“I’d feel better if that wasn’t a question.” Hermione was unimpressed, but paced back and forth in front of the only window in the room, which overlooked the North Side of Diagon Alley.

“Okay, if you’re going to make me go shopping, we’ll need the most detailed list possible so that we can go about this correctly. I remember that we made one before, and I wrote it down as I remembered in my diary,” she gestured at her rucksack, which she had tossed near the pillows in her near hysteria earlier. “But we might have to re-evaluate in order to account for me being in France…”

Harry’s eyes started to glaze over as Luna dutifully pulled out the diary, bypassed the charms to keep anyone but Hermione and herself from reading it, and crossed out or added things as needed.

“…We’ll definitely still need to investigate the junk shop…”

“…Luna can probably brew the aging potions while I’m gone, Harry you’ll just have to deal with the cherry flavor…”

At the sound of his name Harry blinked and refocused, but she was still talking too fast.

“…I suppose we’ll leave the Hogwarts robes for when we come back with the Weasleys…”

“…Is that okay with you Harry?”

“Of course.” Harry paused. “What did I just agree to?”

“You agreed to watch Crookshanks while Hermione is in France. Going to the City of Love without your wife? Bad form darling.”

Harry feigned upset, but he had missed the old half-kneazle. Hermione rolled her eyes.

“Luna, do you have the individual –” Hermione smiled as Luna handed her and Harry each a separate list of items. “Right, Gringotts first yeah?”

It wasn’t long after getting to Gringotts that Harry was able to see a Goblin about settling his accounts. He had just over ʛ 4,046 ($497,648 USD 2017), which wasn’t insignificant, but he would have to be careful not to spend it all as he made several large investments. Since Gringotts didn’t have any restrictions as long as someone had the key, it was fairly simple to get what they needed. The hard part was the actual shopping.

The trio set off first to Madam Malkin’s, where they assured her that they weren’t looking for Hogwarts robes quite yet, but more casual ones to be worn in the summer and on weekends at Hogwarts. Harry got a complete wardrobe change, while Hermione got fitted for only a few things; the two both had sour looks on their faces as Luna tried to hide her giggles at their predicament. After the shop assistants finally released them Harry paid for both of them before they donned some of the new robes and left the rest to be finished and picked up later that day. After some ice cream at Fortescue’s, the three split up.

Hermione didn’t like shopping, but she understood the need for it. She supposed it was born out of the war; back then in the future, they were being picked off like flies every time they so much as poked their heads out of hiding to get a piece of bread. She headed over to Carkitt Market, towards the Apothecary. Having already cross-checked the potions ingredients that she, Harry and Luna had combined, there were only a few things left that they didn’t already have in order to create the aging potion. The ingredients for that were distinctive; but luckily, they overlapped with a boil cure and pepper-up in various places, and although the shopkeeper eyed her shrewdly she was able to pass it off as running an errand for her mother.

Her next stop was to head back to the north side of the alley and Flourish and Blotts, which, contrary to popular belief, was not a black hole into which Hermione would forever disappear. She purchased a number of books on household charms, as well as used their student program to buy discounted subscriptions to Teen Witch WeeklyThe Practical PotioneerTransfiguration Today, and, of course The Daily Prophet. She would have purchased a subscription to The Quibbler but Luna insisted that they not waste Harry’s money on something she could get them for free.

Meanwhile, while Hermione was perusing periodicals, Harry and Luna made their way over to the junk shop. They didn’t find much, but Luna was able to unearth a set of 7 wand holsters, which were defective in that the invisibility function was faulty. It was something that warranted a discount, but also something that Hermione could fix easily. They also examined a number of wands, all of which has sustained some form of damage, but a few less so than others. Their most important find however, was a beat up old trunk, that, despite its age and superficial wear, was actually in good condition. They also purchased a variety of furniture, which was all shrunk down and put in their shopping bags. The bored sales assistant rang them up without paying very much attention, and they got the lot of it for two galleons and three sickles (~$267.71 USD 2017).

Upon reuniting at the Cauldron, they hurried up to Harry’s rented room, and Hermione recreated the privacy wards. They still had about three hours until Hermione’s parents were picking her up for them all to go out for dinner; and Xeno had told Luna she could stay over with either Harry or Hermione for the night, as long as she sent him an owl telling him which.

Once Hermione was done with the wards, she promptly resized all of their trunks and emptied them out onto the bed. “Okay, Luna, you start with brewing the aging potion, and Harry, you start sorting out all of our belongings. We only really need four piles; books, writing supplies, clothes, potions and miscellaneous. Make sure you get out the potions stuff first, so that Luna can get settled faster. That potion takes two hours to brew and we only have three. I’ll start enchanting our trunks.”

Hermione had always been an organizational force, and so the three of them quickly got to work.

Most wizards who wanted expanded space went to Wiseacre’s, where they could spend a fortune on an expanded trunk. They were the only place in the alley licensed to use extension charms. Hermione, however, was not the brightest witch of her age for nothing, and had lost her respect for laws and authority somewhere in between getting attacked by a troll and breaking into Gringotts; although it only truly died when Harry did, convinced by Dumbledore that it was the only way to defeat Voldemort. The fact that the ministry had started actively hunting them down a mere five years after they won against that particular Dark Lord was just extra decorations on a cake that had already been iced.

Half an hour before Hermione had to leave, all of their rucksacks had been charmed with undetectable extension charms. The trunks, however, were Hermione’s masterpiece. Having lived in tents with nothing to do but starve, read and frustrate each other while on the Horcrux hunt, Hermione spent a fair bit of time examining the charms and runes that allowed them to work. Replicating these on their school trunks was child’s play, adjusting the muggle-worthy feature to contain all of their school equipment, while the real magic was inside of them. The hardest part was her adjustment of setting up a shell floo network that connected them. Harry’s had a sofa bed, three arm chairs, a side bathroom, a kitchenette, and, of course a fireplace. Hermione’s was lined with bookshelves, including the mantle above the fireplace, and was set up as an office, with two additional comfy chairs, which could each recline into a bed. This room also had a bathroom off to the side. Luna’s trunk was a bedroom, with a corner dedicated to her large bed, covered in pillows that seemed more like a nest than a bed. The fireplace was decorated with carvings of different creatures, and she had two side rooms; a bathroom, and a potions laboratory. The fourth trunk was left with Harry, and contained a large dining room table, a bar area, which was empty at the moment as people won’t sell alcohol to twelve-year-old.

At the end of it all Hermione was exhausted, and after Luna finished bottling up the potions and doling them out four doses each she sent an owl to her father letting him know that she was with Hermione and took it upon herself to greet the Grangers, waving a cheery goodbye to Harry as they returned to the muggle world.

As Luna and Hermione exited the Leaky Cauldron, they saw her parents parked across the street. Hermione willed herself awake from where she had been half asleep on Luna’s shoulder and waved before they crossed the street.

“Hermione, you didn’t tell us you were bringing a friend!” Keith Granger called out of the passenger window cheerfully.

“Sorry daddy; I would have, but I didn’t know I was going to run in to Luna today. She happened to be in the Leaky Cauldron this morning having breakfast with her father when Harry and I ran into her. Since he bought us breakfast I figured we could take Luna to dinner with us. Is that okay? I would have called first but phones don’t work around magic very well.”

“That’s perfectly alright darling, why don’t you both climb on in?” Kathryn was a woman who believed one good turn deserved another, and was a large part of why Hermione was the way she was, at least until the wizarding world skewed her moral compass.

Luna was humming as they climbed in, and Keith turned around to look at them as Kathryn started heading towards Crawley. “So, Luna was it? You can call me Keith. And this is my wife, Kate. Are you in Hermione’s year? She hasn’t mentioned you before.”

“Oh no, I’m not in the same year as her and Harry. I’m actually a year below them, in Ravenclaw. We didn’t meet until the end of the semester. It was kind of like fate really. The nargles had stolen my shoes and I was locked out of the common room.”

“That’s awful!” Keith exclaimed, before he paused and asked, “What are nargles?”

Luna beamed. They were going to get along famously.

When a strange, exciting, or scary event happens, one tends to run on adrenaline. Once that event is over though, that’s when the crash happens.

After Hermione and Luna left to spend time with Hermione’s parents, well, that was when Harry crashed.

They had been planning this for months, years really. He had expected to go to the past. He had expected having to deal with the Dursleys and an annoying amount of shopping and sorting through his possessions and doing it all with Hermione and Luna, who had been his anchors for years now. But now that he was actually here. He was here in the body of a scrawny twelve-year-old and he was alone in the crowd that was the Leaky Cauldron. Walking downstairs, making sure to keep his scar hidden, Harry had to fight the urge to hex someone that brushed past him on the stairwell.

Doing his best to keep his breaths even he made his way downstairs, and winced when the sound of the large crowd that decided to treat themselves by having dinner at the Leaky that night. Stomach churning, and starting to feel dizzy, Harry abruptly turned and started on the way back to him room. He took deep and calming breaths, and once he got back to his room he immediately set about casting the protective charms.

Once he had made the place secure in a way only someone with a ʛ 10,000 price tag on their head could, he let his back slide against the door until he was sitting with his arms wrapped around his legs. Then he finally let himself cry. He wasn’t sure if they were tears of sadness for all he had lost, happiness for all he had regained, fear for what was truly at stake, or just the blind panic of the situation. You’re twenty-seven years old, get your act together. But Harry wasn’t twenty-seven. Harry was twelve again, with his emotions all over the place, and so he simply let himself cry. Large wrecking sobs that made it hard to breathe. After he didn’t know how long, his breathing evened out, and, exhausted, Harry fell into what was a blissfully dreamless sleep.

As Luna chatted with Hermione’s parents, with whom she was indeed getting along with famously, Hermione was marveling at both how amazing Luna was, and how lucky Hermione was to have her. She honestly didn’t know if she could have done this without Luna. Seeing her mum that morning had nearly upended her psyche, until she did what she does best: compartmentalize and shove her emotions to the back of her mind. Seeing her parents again, without the anger and fear that they had regarded her with ever since she had given them back their memories, Hermione was overwhelmed. The only thing that was stopping Hermione from falling apart at that moment was watching Luna’s interactions with her parents.

Seeming to sense her distress, Luna took Hermione’s hand in hers, all the while appearing to give Keith her complete attention.

“So the magical world doesn’t have any dentists?” Keith asked, incredulous.

“Not really. The mouth cleaning charm is one of the first we’re ever taught. Personally, my teeth feel much cleaner after I’ve brushed, but technically the spell removes more plaque and malicious bacteria, so I suppose the spell is technically more effective. Spells for fixing crooked or overly large teeth are also something that is thought of as basic healing, which used to be an elective at Hogwarts until the war. As such a fair few of us magicalborn have parents who can cast the charms safely.”

Luna continued on, but Hermione was still lost in thought. The next thing she knew, they were at the restaurant and Luna had moved on from teeth to spell creation.

“But why are so many of these things from Latin or these ancient runes you keep mentioning? What about these words or symbols give power?” Kate asked as she cut into her steak.

Luna held up a finger, as she was chewing at the time, before swallowing and taking a sip of water. After doing so, she launched into her explanation. “The majority of spells that we have were created a long time ago. Since wizards perfected the preservation spell over three thousand years ago, we have access to much more of our history than muggles do. For example, I assume you have heard of the library of Alexandria?” at receiving their nods Luna continued. “What if I told you that it wasn’t burned to the ground?” at their wide eyes Luna smiled. “Indeed, the wizarding world hid the library, and made it only appear as if it was destroyed. In the 20th century, muggles are finally catching up to us, and I’m sure that in the next ten to twenty years you’ll probably even pass us, and I think that by the mid twenty-first century the magical world won’t stay hidden if it doesn’t keep up. Now that is something that scares the living daylights out of the magicalborn, or it would if they had any sense. As it stands many magicalborn underestimate the muggle world, and I suspect it will be their downfall.” Hermione shot Luna one of her slow down looks as Keith opened his mouth to respond, but Kate beat her two it.

“Are you sure you’re twelve?” she asked shrewdly.

Luna gave a light blush, but still gave a mischievous smile “I was born February 13, 1981, if that’s what you’re asking.” Hermione’s parents laughed, and Hermione fought a smile as Luna winked at her.

When the check came Keith turned to Hermione and Luna as Kate settled everything with the waiter.

“So our guest room is currently being repainted, so you’re welcome to stay the night Luna, but it will have to be in Hermione’s room. I’ll be able to dig out a camp bed from the basement I think.”

“No need to do that papa. We can just share my bed. I won the bet remember?” Hermione’s eyes twinkled as Keith groaned.

“What’s this about a bet?” Luna asked, bemused.

“My daughter and my wife conspired against me,” Keith recounted dramatically.

“What he means is that he and Hermione had a bet about whether I could go a week without setting something on fire in the kitchen. If I did, Hermione had to continue her piano lessons. If I didn’t, he had to buy Hermione a queen-sized bed.”

“I take it you didn’t set anything on fire?” Luna asked.

“No,” Kate paused. “Hermione promised to take French lessons if I agreed not to cook for a week.”

That night, as Hermione was just about to fall asleep she heard Luna sniffling. Hermione sighed. “It’s been a long day, hasn’t it my love?”

“Sixteen years is a long time to live in fear. There was always something. Now that we’re back in peace time, or at least what passes for it…”

“You did well today. We all did, it’s hard but,” Hermione sighed again. “We’re here. We’re alive, we’ll make it through this.”

“I know,” Luna paused, then said guiltily. “We shouldn’t have left Harry by himself.”

“I know. I didn’t have any idea what to tell my parents though. They think I’m thirteen, just starting in on the wonders of puberty. They’d probably think I had a crush on him or something.” Hermione made a face. She was frustrated, and no longer sleepy. She tried to sit up, but Luna pushed her back down onto the bed and snuggled into her side.

“I’ll go back to the Cauldron tomorrow morning and take Harry with me back to the rookery. We’ll be able to get through this. I would have stayed with him tonight, but you’re going to France, and Harry and I will be here together all summer. Maybe it’s selfish, but I wanted to spend time without before you left. I’m going to miss you.” Luna traced patterns on Hermione’s arm, in a manner that was somehow both absentminded and nervous. Rather unconsciously, she did so in the place where she would never let a madwoman carve the word mudblood.

Hermione tucked the loose strands of Luna’s dirty blonde hair behind her ear. “I’ll be just a floo call away. We’ll still see each other at least a little bit.”

“I know. But still,” Luna sighed unhappily. “Did you put a silencing barrier up?”

“Of course I did, what do you take me for?” Hermione sniffed.

“I know I didn’t need to ask. I don’t think either of us would want your parents to hear us if we have nightmares.”

“Exactly. I enchanted my pillowcase while we were still in Diagon alley. It creates a 5 meter silenced bubble, so as long as we stay on the bed it’s,” Hermione yawned “safe.”

“Alright, I think it’s time for both of us to sleep. You’ll need to back tomorrow and I need to get to the Cauldron early to settle things with Harry. Goodnight darling.”

“Good night my love.”

[1] I was going on the assumption that they noticed Marge getting blown up not because of accidental magic, but because there was a screaming inflated woman floating around Surrey, and to be honest it was probably Mrs. Figg that called them, but since it won’t happen now I guess it doesn’t matter. I am also going on the assumption that the trace doesn’t count wandless magic since without a wand they cannot test. That doesn’t make concrete sense though, so I’m adding on with an excerpt from a comment response on AO3: “[accidental magic is] a super broad topic that I’m going to hopefully get to touch on at a later date, but the basic gist of it as I’m going with right now is that what Dobby did was intentional and big, he put a lot of force into the spell. When Harry shrunk the trunks he was purposefully emitting a very small amount of magic. In my wizarding world, every witch or wizard lets out low levels of magic just by existing, almost like magical pheromones. What Harry did was within the normal levels and not worth ministry notice. They only do notice when there is a large amount of magical activity, or something and/or muggles notice, like with aunt Marge.”

Apologizes for including a shopping scene, I tried to make it brief.
I’m struggling a bit with Harry’s development since in the original draft of this story it was only Luna and Hermione who went back. So who they are and what they do is more figured out on my end. I wanted to make sure that I got something out on time, so I promise that Harry gets fleshed out more next chapter, but the scenes with him that I do have just don’t fit in the chapter. Chapter 2 on the other hand, is looking to be fairly Harry-centric.

Edits 08/23/2017: Additional edits are that there are some small mistakes based on grammar and comments on the version published on AO3.

Also I forgot the fic recommendation for this chapter, which is Dahlia Evans & the Broken Bridge by Forensica X, which can be found on FFN. Summary: “Assumed dead, the last Potter grows up an orphan until she finds a home with the Grangers. The family explores magic together, but not all is wonder and enchantment. A killer stalks the streets of Crawley, and the Dark Lord isn’t as gone as everyone thinks. Fem!Harry/Hermione. POC!Hermione. Slytherin!Hermione. Grey!Dumbledore. Violence & Suggestive Themes.”

As a bonus for those of you who like Doctor Who I recommend Not Not-Human and its sequel All Hail the Time Lord’s Son, also written by Forensica X and also on FFN. Basic premise is that the Alternate Universe that contains Ten-2 and Rose is also an AU of the Harry Potter Universe and the two of them raise Harry. It’s a good story and I highly recommend.