A Trio of Tricksters: Eclipse the Past, Usurp the Future Interlude: A Nightly Routine

Story Summary: The war ended, and then it didn’t. Voldemort is gone but somehow Harry, Hermione and Luna ended up as Undesirables 1, 2 & 3. Controlling the future is going to take some controlling of the past, and they say those who control the present control the past, so why not make the past the present? A time-travel fix-it where a trio of tricksters set up shop and revolutionize the wizarding world, for all that it takes a great deal of time to do so.

This is an interlude between chapters four and five of a fanfiction that is part of a series. To start from the beginning of this fic click here. To start from the beginning of the series click here. And to learn more about the series as a whole click here.

Disclaimer: You know how these work, don’t you? You know I don’t own the rights to the Harry Potter series? Y’all, I’m tired.

This is just a short snippet for all of my patient readers. Thank you for bearing with me as I tough it out through my last semester of undergrad. Thanks also to cyborg-goddess, for beta reading this story!

Interlude: A Nightly Routine

Every night in the summer of 1993, at 8:00pm on the dot, Ginny Weasley stopped whatever evening activity she had been engaged with (usually a book) and went to brush her teeth, wash her face, and use the toilet. At 8:30 she would head to her room and put on pajamas, before braiding her hair and settling in to read for another half hour. At 9:00pm she would turn off her light and lay down to sleep, but not for long. At some point between 10:30pm and 12:30am, she would inevitably wake up in a cold sweat and crawl out of bed, creep up the stairs and sneak into Ron’s room. Her second-favorite brother (Bill would always be the best) would sleepily get out of bed, and the two of them would make their way down to the kitchen and make themselves tea (decaffeinated) and she would quietly tell him about whatever nightmare Tom Riddle had left for her. After about an hour they would head back upstairs to Ron’s room, Ginny would use Ron as a pillow, and finally she would fall into a deep and dreamless sleep.

Fic Recommendation: So, this isn’t actually an HP fic but OMG READ IT ANYWAY because I don’t have words for how amazing World Ain’t Ready by idiopathicsmile (AO3) is. It’s a Les Mis fic but tbh should probably just be a stand-alone book. It. Is. That. Good. I swear. It’s a period piece (2006) high school AU and it’s BEAUTIFUL.

Summary from AO3: Enjolras presses his lips together. He already looks pained, and Grantaire hasn’t even opened his mouth yet. That’s got to be a record, even for them. “I need a favor,” he says at last. “With what?” says Grantaire. “Ooh, are you forming a cult? Can I join? I’d be awesome at cults, I just know it.” He ticks off his qualifications on his fingers. “I love chanting, I look great in robes—” (High school AU. Grantaire the disaffected stoner is pulled into a cause bigger than himself. Or: in which there are pretend boyfriends for great justice.)