Sorry! Didn’t Mean to Kidnap You, Blame Luna and the TARDIS Part One

Summary: Just when the Doctor is feeling particularly low (all his friends think he’s dead, after all) he stumbles upon some old friends he used to travel with. Except they haven’t traveled with him yet. It’s all a bit wibbly-wobbly….

He knows them, but they don’t know him. Harry, Hermione, and Luna are the Doctor’s Companions.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter or Doctor Who.

Author’s Note: This is part of a series. It’s more or less an OK place to start and can be read on its own, but it will make more sense if you read the other stuff at some point too. That’s time travel for you I suppose. Check out Lunar Harmony Through Space and Time for more


The Doctor often told himself that he didn’t need anyone.

Rule one: The Doctor Lies.

Rarely had he felt so alone as when all his closest companions and allies thought him dead and gone. Except River, of course, who was locked away, sparing those nights they spent together, and Dorian, but who was he going to tell? No, the Doctor was alone, and he… didn’t care for it.

He felt drawn toward Amy and Rory, but he resisted the pull. The more time he spent with the Ponds, the less time they would have. And he wanted, needed his time with them to last.

The Doctor was brooding. He hated brooding. Randomly, he stroked the console of his TARDIS, almost asking her, where should we go? Anywhere, except where the Ponds were. He would stay away from his friends, so that he could protect them.

So that he could protect himself.



It was with amusement and delight that the Doctor realized where he had landed. Hogsmeade, and by his estimation, 1999. This is where he came in. There was a great deal of pain to be felt when the Doctor looked back on his Tenth incarnation, Martha, Donna, Rose. All the people he had loved and lost. But not an ounce of regret was to be had regarding his time with Harry, Hermione, and Luna. And here they were, as teenagers! Blimey, they were young. And so, so old. They had seen far too much, in far too little time.

“Pardon me, sir, but I don’t think that’s quite a good place for your vanishing cabinet.”

The Doctor blinked. He hadn’t been paying quite enough attention, lost in thought as he was, and the people who served as objects of his fascination had actually approached him , albeit two of them did so reluctantly.

 Luna , when I said that there was a creepy guy staring at us, I did not mean we should approach him!” Hermione hissed, and the Doctor had to stifle a chortle at what was such a Hermione thing to say, and such a Luna thing to do.

“I prefer to think of myself as a mad man more than a creepy guy myself. I find it rolls off the tongue better. I’m the Doctor by the way, how do you do?” The Doctor went to take off his fez as a gesture of respect and then frowned upon realizing he wasn’t wearing one. He should fix that.

“I’m Luna. Luna Lovegood. And this is Hermione Granger, and that’s Harry Potter. But you already knew that,” Luna remarked absentmindedly as she evaluated the TARDIS, walking around it slowly. “I think this cabinet knows me.”

“Did I? Have we met before?” The Doctor frowned. He was fairly certain that the trio said they hadn’t met him until he was wearing a bow tie in Hogsmeade in 1999, which seemed to fit the bill of this occasion.

“Well, everyone knows who Harry is, though Luna and I aren’t as recognizable,” Hermione replied, as though it was obvious.

“How could I know who Harry is, if he hasn’t introduced himself? A name isn’t a person,” the Doctor snorted. “By that logic I also know the entire Huddersfield front row and half the population of Tadfield are my intimate friends. No, I don’t know you yet, but it’s nice to meet you. Fancy a cuppa?”

“Fancy a cuppa where exactly?” Hermione asked just as Harry said.

“Alright mate. I like you, Doctor. Where’d you like to go?”

 Harry, we’re on a tight schedule. We can’t go having drinks with strange men.” Hermione had the tone of someone who had said the same many times before.

 Hermione, this is our first time out the castle in ages, and this Doctor bloke is funny. Plus, Luna has already vanished into his cabinet, and we should probably see where our girlfriend has wandered off to,” Harry reasoned. As he was the only one who had previously been facing the TARDIS, both the Doctor and Hermione turned quickly to see that, yes, the doors were now open, and Luna was nowhere in sight.

The Doctor smacked himself because of course the TARDIS let Luna in, she had unrestricted access due to the extended amount of time she had travelled with his past incarnation, and the TARDIS was set to unlock at her DNA imprint if lacking a key. She must have nicked herself and accidentally (a darker part of his mind wondered if it had been on purpose) gotten blood on the door, which caused the TARDIS to unlock without a key.

Hermione let out a shriek of frustration that was somewhere between panic and resignation before charging into the cabinet, wand out. Meanwhile Harry let out a bemused laugh, lazy flicking out his wand and following slowly. The Doctor followed him closely.

“I would have expected you to be more, wary, Mr. Potter.”

“I am. I don’t trust you, Doctor. Especially since you just closed that door. But a relaxed posture is a better dueling stance, and Luna is a good judge of character. I’ve also been scanning the wards on this place, which I notice is bigger on the inside, using the techniques that Professor Flitwick has been teaching me in our extra lessons.”


“Nothing.” Hermione answered before Harry could, arms crossed as she stood next to where Luna was examining the console. “This place registers no magic as my spells recognize it. So, what are you, Doctor?”

“Why, he’s an alien, of course,” Luna mused, still looking at the console. “I wonder what will happen if I –”

The Doctor caught on too late what she was about to do.

“Not the randomiser!” He attempted to shift the control away via his sonic screwdriver, but Hermione, fearing that he was attacking Luna, used a shield spell, and the randomiser was engaged anyway.

And they were off.

But to where?

And when?