A Trio of Tricksters: Eclipse the Past, Usurp the Future Chapter Six: Formations

Story Summary: The war ended, and then it didn’t. Voldemort is gone but somehow Harry, Hermione and Luna ended up as Undesirables 1, 2 & 3. Controlling the future is going to take some controlling of the past, and they say those who control the present control the past, so why not make the past the present? A time-travel fix-it where a trio of tricksters set up shop and revolutionize the wizarding world, for all that it takes a great deal of time to do so.

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Chapter Six: Formations

As the weeks went by, things only got better and better for the trio. Business was booming at the shop, and they were well on their way to developing a full collection. Molly had been only too happy to help them, impressed not only with the initiative they were taking but also that they were “doing the responsible thing” by seeking out the help and advice of a trusted adult. That she was flattered to be that trusted adult was also a selling point, as was the extra income and the incentive to be out of the house that was feeling more and more like an empty nest with all of her children at Hogwarts or graduated with careers in a foreign country.

Their campaign against the creators of the false Harry Potter narrative was also going well, as book production had stopped, and they had settled on an agreed sum to be granted to the Potter estate as recompense. The companies responsible had also been forced to print a full retraction and an explicit statement regarding the falsity of the narratives presented.

Within Hogwarts, the real Harry Potter had successfully dropped divination in favor of Arithmancy, and Ron had similarly jumped ship. Hermione decided to keep the class, but that was less out of a desire to learn the material, and more because she wanted to keep hold of the device that allowed her and her time travelling accomplices to live their double, and occasionally triple, lives. Luna, meanwhile, had been officially moved up to taking classes with the third years, including both Arithmancy and Ancient Runes, as she successfully impressed all of the professors with her advanced skill, and it was only McGonagall putting her foot down and telling an over-enthusiastic Flitwick to be sensible Filius that stopped him from wanting to place her in his fourth year charms class. That said, he did start sneaking both her and Hermione advanced material, and by the third week of classes he was doing the same with Harry.

The general consensus among the teachers was that something had happened to the three of them that summer, but fortunately enough, long distance time travel was so outside the parameters of expectation that the top theory floating between the staff at Hogwarts was that Harry was channeling drive borne out of wishing he had solved the mystery of the chamber, Luna was embracing her studies as a way to cultivate the friendship she had lacked in her first year at Hogwarts, and Hermione was her usual brilliant self, with the advantage of a time turner that she was using to not only attend classes but have extra time to do her homework. That Hermione was using the extra time afforded to her as a means to get more study time and more sleep time was not, in fact, prohibited, but actually encouraged. The professors knew that, with the extra classes she was taking, she would need extra time for that extra homework, and extra hours to sleep. In the second week of classes, McGonagall pulled Hermione aside to make sure that she was aware of alarm charms and how to disguise her bed so that it looked like no one was sleeping there, in order that she could take surreptitious naps when she was supposed to be elsewhere. (Hermione, having a magical trunk and being part of a time-travelling trio that was building a business empire and attempting to save the world didn’t need this help, but it warmed her all the same.)

For the trio, things were moving both incredibly fast and incredibly slow. While it had only been a matter of weeks for the outside world, for every day that those around them lived, Harry, Luna, and Hermione lived three. They would have a day of Hogwarts classes, a day of maintaining their business and political ventures, and a third day where they simply caught up on their progress regarding how far they had gone in changing the timeline. 

Soon enough it was Hermione’s birthday — none of the three had ever really cared for large celebrations or overly grand gestures as the years went by. A birthday was an anniversary of birth, something that tied them to their first families. At the end of everything those families were gone and they only had each other, and so that reminder had become painful. And even now that they were back in their younger bodies and (Hermione and Luna at least) had some of that family back, it wasn’t the same. Since they had travelled back in time even the marker of age had become meaningless. So what did it even mean to have a birthday anymore? 

Hermione accepted the small trinkets and presents from her yearmates with a grin, and the card and necklace that came by owl from her parents with a smile, and if she cried in Luna and Harry’s arms that night, well, who outside the three of them would know?


It was the end of September, a little over a week and a half after Hermione’s birthday — though to the trio, of course, it felt much longer than that — when Sirius made his first move, a month sooner than he had in the previous timeline.

As horribly as things went, they could have gone a fair bit worse if it weren’t for Draco Malfoy.

This Draco Malfoy wasn’t an ex-Death Eater and redeemed wizard who sacrificed himself and his timeline to send the only three people he called true friends back in time to create a better world. He was instead a petty thirteen year old boy who had an overinflated sense of importance, both personally and with regard to his family. This Draco Malfoy resented the fact that he hadn’t gotten a Hippogriff to bow at him as it had to Potter. He resented the fact that he hadn’t successfully injured Potter by hitting the Hippogriff he had been petting at the time with a stinging hex (Granger was far too good at healing charms) and he resented the fact that no one seemed to respect him anymore. The class laughing at him rather than Hagrid when he insulted the biting books (he so wished he could have hexed that smirk off Granger’s face when she said: “You have to stroke them Malfoy. Or did your daddy not tell you?”) had been just the beginning. 

The whole of third year for Draco Malfoy had only been going downhill from there. He had always had lower grades than Granger (much to his shame) but these days his grades were below that of Potter and the Lovegood girl as well, the three of them taking top spots in every class they took. It seemed impossible but true that they were just that good and it made Draco unbelievably angry. It made him so angry, in fact, that when he saw the three of them heading outside of the castle at dusk, he decided that he would follow them, in the hopes of discovering some of whatever they were doing that was making them so annoyingly skilled. Before setting off, he applied the spell it had taken him all summer to learn — the disillusionment charm. His still wasn’t perfect, but his mother had insisted, saying that he needed protection. From what, Draco still wasn’t exactly sure.

Draco couldn’t quite make out what the three were saying, but it soon became obvious where they were heading — Hagrid’s hut. He crept closer. There was no way they could see him — it was now quite dark, and that hid any imperfections in the charm. He thought he heard Granger whisper something along the lines of “— following us.” Suddenly though, the three of them stopped, and Potter pulled out a piece of paper, whispering something as he and the two girls crouched over it. Lovegood gasped, Potter swore, something like a dog ran across Draco’s field of vision, and in the distance there was an explosion before — 



Harry, Luna, and Hermione decided that a visit to Hagrid was in order. Living every day as three days was taking its toll, and they needed to just sit with a cup of tea and relax with a friend. Harry and Hermione had asked Ron and Ginny if they wanted to come along before the two left the Gryffindor common room, but it was soon to be dark, and the siblings were embroiled in a tense game of chess. While Ron was widely considered to be one of the best chess players in Hogwarts, Ginny could definitely give him a run for his money even on her worst days, and this was one of her best.

Meeting up with Luna in the entrance hall, the trio kept their conversation light and non incriminating, as they always did when in semi public places. A good thing, as they realized less than a quarter of the way there that they were being followed.

“Whoever they are, it’s probably a student,” Harry murmured.

“Mhmm,” Luna agreed. “That disillusionment charm is well applied for a third or fourth year. Average for fifth. Terrible for a sixth or seventh.”

“Low risk to use the map I think. Harry, be a love and check to see who’s following us?” Hermione asked.

They stopped, and Hermione and Luna lit their wands as Harry whispered: “I solemnly swear I’m up to no good.” 

Once the map unfolded and showed them the grounds they looked to find themselves. For a moment they only stared. Then Luna gasped, Harry swore, and Hermione let out a low groan. A few paces behind them was Draco Malfoy, which was fine; they could handle him. But according to the map, right behind Draco stood Harry Potter. The trio were also about twenty feet away from Sirius Black, Luna Lovegood, Harry Potter, and Hermione Granger. And a hundred feet in the other direction, just inside the forbidden forest, stood Hermione Granger and Luna Lovegood. 

This was going to be a bumpy ride.

A/N: I’m sooooooo sorry for leaving you faithful readers hanging for over a YEAR. I am so ashamed. And I’m also sorry for the cliffhanger! I promise it won’t be a whole year until the next chapter, it’s just that we’ve got to prepare ourselves for some timey-wimey NONSENSE here, and I want to devote an entire chapter to it. It’s a short chapter, I know, but that’s because I had to cut stuff because plot holes. They get you every time. 

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