Hi! We’re Your Companions Now! Interlude I


I know you remember me. I breathed these walls before I learned to breathe. You called me here for a reason. You called me to them for a reason. He doesn’t know me yet, but he will, because he does. He always knows me. But he doesn’t trust me yet. How do I make him trust me? He was my first teacher, and the first person I truly loved. I would do anything for the Doctor. The Doctor, who I have known my whole life, and whose life runs through mine. Oh how we run. And now he runs from me, even as I run to him. But I made a promise, a long, long time ago, I made a promise, that I would never be cruel nor cowardly. That I would never give up. That I would never give in. Those words have been etched on my soul since the day I began to exist, since I wound my way through time. Huh. I wonder how I pronounced that word. I suppose it says a lot about me. Or it says a lot about time.

My name is Luna Lovegood, and I am … unprecedented.

There is a oneshot out now called ‘Plimpys and Printing Presses’ that is about Luna’s relationship with her father. It takes place in the universe of Lunar Harmony Through Time and Space, it’s really cute and fluffy (at least in my opinion) and it drops some rather huge bombs in terms of what the canon interpretation of her parents are like. So you might want to check it out.