Hi! We’re You’re Companions Now! Part Five

“I don’t understand why you all stick around when Hermione hates the Doctor so much,” Martha whispered to Harry as they followed at a slower pace. 

“Hermione doesn’t hate the Doctor,” Harry sighed, running a hand through his hair. “It’s… complicated.”

“Well uncomplicate it then,” Martha snapped.

Disclaimer: I’m writing this for fun and out of spite. I don’t own the rights to Harry Potter or Doctor Who. Quotes are from the episode Evolution of the Daleks. I realized I should also be crediting the website where I found the transcript: http://www.chakoteya.net/DoctorWho/29-5.htm
Author’s Note: Unbetaed. If you are interested in becoming a beta reader for the Lunar Harmony Through Time and Space series please reach out to me at [email protected] 

NEW YORK, 1930

Hermione looked at the human-dalek hybrid with revulsion as he continued to speak. 

These humans will become like me. Prepare them for hybridization. ” 

She registered that Martha was protesting and the Doctor had started his own diversionary tactics, that was fine. Judging from the way that he was waxing poetic about the benefits of humanity’s emotional connection to music, it figured he was going to use the radio as a sonic distraction. Hermione filed that away as she continued to case out the room and these particular Daleks. The cult of Skaro. They would have bullet-proof shielding, advanced enough to handle all but the most aggressive of the bombastic hexes and curses in her repertoire. She was confident that she could take on one, maybe two. But four? With this many civilians? Time for a tactical retreat until she had Harry as backup.

She did note that the Dalek-human hybrid, Sec, was the odd one out. His reactions to the Doctor were non-standard for a Dalek, and she noted as she lingered to cover all exits — and to privately spy on the Daleks — that he caressed the radio with a curiosity that was confusing and caused an odd emotion that was not quite hope. After the Daleks confirmed that they would not be pursuing her friends she almost turned to go before she noticed the three pure Daleks were clustered together and drifted closer to listen to their conversation. That the other Daleks were doubting Sec… that caused a whole other level of unease. 

Troubled, she disapparated with a practiced silence and reappeared near where the TARDIS was cloaked near Hooverville. She slipped in, feeling slightly guilty that she was taking advantage of instantaneous travel when she knew the others had a nearly three-mile walk, but she desperately wanted to check on Luna. Harry’s message had not made it seem like things were dire, Luna had just eaten an inconvenient number of gummy worms. But her comments about Solomon had made Hermione very uneasy, and she was in no small part glad to have a head start on the others, who she had about a half hour on if they ran the whole way — which she doubted they would considering how conspicuous that would seem this time of night. Then again, the Doctor had never cared about being conspicuous.

“Those are certainly interesting developments,” Harry said with a raised eyebrow as she entered.

“I know,” Hermione nodded. “I’m equal parts intrigued and concerned by the dissenting opinions of the Daleks. Infighting can be useful —”

“But it can also make things more dangerous,” Harry completed for her.

“Agreed,” Hermione hesitated before switching the subject “how’s Luna?”

“She’s okay,” Harry said quietly, looking at the TARDIS console. “She had another artron spike.”

Again? ” Hermione said sharply, alarmed.

“Yes, but it’s fine, I honestly think this was just sparked by the fact that she didn’t factor in the combination of having that many gummy worms while on the TARDIS again for the first time in a while. It wasn’t a good combination, but I think now that she’s getting used to this version of the TARDIS things should equilibrate.”

“If you say so,” Hermione sighed. Suddenly her pocket buzzed. It was Martha.

“Where are you Hermione!? You didn’t come out of the tunnels with us. We’re worried, heading back to Hooverville and the TARDIS now.”

“Oh, damn, I’m sorry Martha!” Hermione bit her lip, frustrated with herself for not checking in. “I apparated straight back to the TARDIS to debrief with Harry.”

“Oh, thank goodness you’re alright! See you soon.”

“See you soon.”

Hermione and Harry exited the TARDIS, not wanting to give away its position when the Daleks inevitably tracked them down. 


Solomon was shaken. He did not properly know what he had seen, but he knew it was unlike anything that he had seen before. He was warming himself by a fire when he was startled by the return of Harry and Hermione.

“Hermione! What happened to the Doctor? And Martha? Did you find Frank, is he —”

“They’re all fine, Solomon, on their way back here. I have a way of traveling that is a bit faster than they can manage, is all. I wanted to check on Luna,” Hermione smiled. 

Solomon heaved a sigh of relief at her words. “I’m so glad to hear it. Leaving Frank… it didn’t sit right with me. Things aren’t alright between white and colored folks, not in the slightest bit, not in this country, but in this particular Hooverville we’ve found a kind of peace. It’s not like this everywhere, let me tell you. The places I’ve been and seen…. Well, you’re travelers. I’m sure you know what it’s like, in a white man’s world, Hermione. Though the world that I’ve seen tonight…” He looked over at her. 

“Travelers indeed,” Hermione murmured. “The things I’ve seen,” Hermione paused, “the things we’ve seen, are only getting worse. Tell me, Solomon. What would you say if I told you there were beings from beyond the stars?”


Hermione and Harry had just finished their explanation of the Dalek threat to a now captivated audience of Hooverville residence when the Doctor, Martha, and Frank reappeared. Quickly the Doctor started insisting that the residents of Hooverville flee because it was a breeding ground for the Daleks.

“Hooverville is the lowest place a man can fall, there is nowhere else to go Doctor!” Solomon insisted. “There has got to be a way to reason with these things.”

“Solomon, we told you, a Dalek can’t be reasoned with,” Hermione cut in not unkindly “and Doctor, kindly shut up, you’re better than this,” she rounded on him.

“Excuse me?” the Doctor said, flabbergasted. “I’m trying to save these people —”

“No, you’re trying to displace them out of the only thing resembling homes that they have! In running here you have led the Daleks straight to them, because now that you are here I’m sure that the Daleks are not far behind, if anything you’ve sped up the deaths of the people you’re claiming to save!” Hermione shouted.

“Now see here —”  

“No! If you would just listen to me for one goddammed second, we can save everyone but shut your gob and listen to the people with magic for once BOMBARDA MAXIMA!” The Doctor and everyone around except Harry flinched as Hermione whipped out her wand and let out a verbal blasting curse, the words amplifying its power. The Dalek, which had been approaching silently in order to surprise the group, had nevertheless tripped Hermione’s ward boundary. Harry similarly dispatched the second Dalek that was approaching from another flank.

“We are powerful Doctor.” Hermione said fiercely. “We are not unintelligent, we are not fragile, we will not break. We can save you just as much as you can save us. You are smart and clever and we love you to pieces but do not stand there and tell me that this is the land of the free and proselytize about hope and equality while people are living in shacks in the middle of a park and get constantly harassed by police for it. And don’t try and tell me that the Black folks don’t get the worse end of the stick. History is a whitewash, you taught me that, or you will. Now, let’s leave the people of Hooverville to their lives, and get back to the Empire state building because this isn’t finished, and I want it to be.”

Hermione abruptly turned away from the Doctor, going back to the TARDIS, leaving the rest of them staring at the Doctor, who looked to be in a state of confused shock before he ran after Hermione.

“I don’t understand why you all stick around when Hermione hates the Doctor so much,” Martha whispered to Harry as they followed at a slower pace. 

“Hermione doesn’t hate the Doctor,” Harry sighed, running a hand through his hair. “It’s… complicated.”

“Well uncomplicate it then,” Martha snapped. Harry laughed and Martha frowned at him.

“No, I’m not laughing at you, I promise, you just sounded so much like my mum at that moment. And a friend of mine, Ginny. You two are alike in some ways and very different in others. I’ll introduce you when we all get back to our time.”

“You’re avoiding the question, Potter.”

“Got me again,” Harry laughed before turning serious. “The three of us know the Doctor. But not… this Doctor. We know a different Doctor. A couple, actually, but you didn’t hear that from me. It’s dangerous for him to know his own future. It could fracture time and space even….”

“Will you two hurry up? There’s a planet to save!” Hermione was leaning out of the TARDIS to shout at them and Martha and Harry jogged the distance to meet her, leaving their conversation behind to jump into the time machine.

With a TARDIS that could turn itself invisible and wixen with an invisibility cloak, it was incredibly easy to examine the building plans to see how the Empire State Building was being altered, remove the Dalekanium, and stop the human Daleks from ever coming fully alive. After taking care of that issue they apprehended Sec and Caan, but before they could decide what to do with the two (one and a half?) Daleks, Caan had exercised the emergency temporal shift, and the four of them were alone with the human Dalek.


“And here I am. The last of my kind. The only of my kind,” Sec mused. “What will you do with me now, Doctor? Am I to die like my Dalek kin? Never to live, like the human Daleks? We tried to grow pure Dalek embryos, you know, but their flesh was too weak. It’s why we resorted to the human Daleks that you never let live. Will you let me live?”

Harry and Hermione looked at the Doctor, and then at each other, and gave a deep sigh. This was not going to end well.


“Dalek Sec is in Stormcage, not getting out any time soon,” [“ Why did you have to say that Doctor?” Hermione moaned.] “anything I’m missing?” the Doctor asked.

“Can’t we do anything to help the men who got turned into pigs? That one Tallulah was dating Laszlo, he seemed sick, I think they can’t last long after the transformation,” Martha said, concerned.

“Well I might, Martha, except they all seem to have disappeared,” the Doctor frowned, looking at the TARDIS scanner. “There are no signs of them on the scanner. No life signs, or even signs of bodies, they’ve vanished.”

“That’s because we already took them,” came a singsong voice.

“Luna! You’re up!” Hermione smiled.

“Of course I am, silly. And you’re silly, Doctor, if you think that a future version you hasn’t already gone back in time and retrieved all of the transformed men and brought them to the New Earth hospital to be healed. It’s almost time for that to become the present version of you. Go on now, or it will be past before you’ve done it!”

Author’s note: I had a LOT of trouble writing this, as you can probably tell from how long it took me to do so. I just struggled so much because I really hate these episodes, and I think you can probably tell from how much of the plot I skipped over and how much yelling Hermione does at the Doctor. Apologies for any errors with how this went along with the episode itself — I did not put myself through rewatching it. For this story I looked up the distance between where the great lawn of Central Park (where the Central Park Hooverville was) and the Empire State building, researched the history of the Central Park Hooverville and who lived there, looked up and calculated the average running speed of adult humans, compared the distance between Central Park and Ellis Island with laughter (hence the presence of the TARDIS).