A Trio of Tricksters: Eclipse the Past Usurp the Future Chapter Twenty-Two: Revelations

This is chapter twenty-two of A Trio of Tricksters: Eclipse the Past, Usurp the Future. To learn more about the series click here.

Story Summary: The war ended, and then it didn’t. Voldemort is gone but somehow Harry, Hermione and Luna ended up as Undesirables 1, 2 & 3. Controlling the future is going to take some controlling of the past, and they say those who control the present control the past, so why not make the past the present? A time-travel fix-it where a trio of tricksters set up shop and revolutionize the wizarding world, for all that it takes a great deal of time to do so.

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Chapter Twenty-Two: Revelations

The day that Mary and Elizabeth first stepped into what would become a two week battle with the wizengamot was the same day that Harry, Luna, and Hermione found Hedwig and Crookshanks talking to each other.

The three of them had acknowledged that since they had gone back in time something weird had been going on with their animals. The cat and owl had always seemed smart, but now they seemed almost too smart. Their eyes were too sharp. The paranoia in the three had made them check for animagi multiple times a day and run all sorts of tests to the amusement of the suspiciously pliant animals, who were also growing close with each other. And that was even weirder because what kind of bird and cat get along? But they would groom each other all the time, and cuddle with each other, and it was driving the trio up the wall. The absolute last straw for the three of them was coming back to Harry’s trunk and finding that the two animals had turned on Harry’s computer, a new test model that they were experimenting with for potential Ivory Innovations rollout, and were typing messages back and forth to each other.

“What the actual fuck?” Harry swore as he walked into the trunk and saw Hedwig tapping at the keyboard of his computer with her beak. The owl froze and turned her head to stare at him, large eyes seeming wider than usual. Hermione and Luna, who had come in after him and didn’t see her actively typing, were confused.

“What’s going on?” Luna asked. “Oh, what are Hedwig and Crookshanks doing with the computer?”

Harry walked over swiftly to see what the two had been typing, but quickly Crookshanks maneuvered the mouse with his paw, and all Harry saw when he got to the computer was an empty notes app.

“They were typing out text messages to each other, I’m sure of it!” Harry insisted, looking at the two animals, who stared back, unrepentant. “What were you talking about?”

The two stared at each other before crookshanks slowly started to type, carefully so that his claws didn’t hit other keys:


“That isn’t fair! You’re going behind our backs. Also you’re a cat.”


“You think you’re really funny don’t you.”


Hedwig cuffed Crookshanks over the head with her wing and he hissed at her, but there was clearly zero malice.

“Our pets are not normal,” Harry muttered.


“What the fuck?” Harry stared at Crookshanks, who had shrunk under the weight of Hedwig’s glare. “What is that supposed to mean? Sirius is in London and James is dead and you are a cat!”

Hedwig shoved Crookshanks over so that she had more room on the chair and resumed the role of typing.


“My mum got reincarnated into my pet owl?” Harry said faintly. His throat felt oddly tight, and his memory flashed to the night before his 17th birthday, when a killing curse came flying towards him as he rode in the sidecar of what he now knew was his dad’s motorbike, and a snowy owl took a killing curse for him. 

Harry’s knees gave out under him and, like always, Hermione and Luna were there to catch him. They sat him gently on the couch and Hedwig — Lily flew over to him cooing gently, and Crookshanks — James ambled over before jumping into his lap. 

 How could this have happened?” Harry croaked, tears in his eyes. He wanted to talk to them, there were so many things he wanted to say — it was also just so weird because they were animals he had known — had they been his parents in the old timeline? Was this something they changed? Could they be made human again? Did they want to be human again? What was he going to tell his dad?

“I, I don’t know,” Hermione said shakily. “I have no context for reincarnation, this isn’t something I’ve encountered before, I’m certain I’ve skimmed passages about it, but I don’t really remember —”

“This has to do with soul magic, it’s definitely worth talking to Meredith about, Harry, you were going to talk to her anyway, weren’t you?” Luna asked.

“Yeah, but I never really got the chance, with so much else going on —” 

“How long have you been yourselves? How long have you remembered being James and Lily, just since we time travelled? Or sooner?” Hermione asked the animals, who plainly looked at her with expressions of  “I can’t talk, how am I supposed to answer that?”

“Um, two blinks for before time travel, one blink for after?”

Each animal blinked once.

“OK, so they started to remember being your parents after they time travelled, but do you remember your whole animal life too? One blink yes two blink no.” Hermione asked.

They each blinked once before plainly turning away from and ignoring Hermione to return to comforting Harry, deciding that they had enough of her questions, since he was obviously starting to have a meltdown. Hermione, feeling guilty but also not wanting to intrude, stood awkwardly, not knowing what to do or how to help.

“OK love, here’s what we are going to do,” Luna said firmly. “I’m going to go back in time one hour and send a letter to Meredith informing her that it’s an emergency and she needs to meet us immediately at the shrieking shack. You are going to get up to the big world, shrink the trunk, and bring it to the shack with Harry & co inside. Hopefully Meredith will be able to get away fast enough that I will be able to debrief her before you get there to meet us, got it?” 

“Right, yeah, got it,” Hermione said, somewhat nervously.

“You got this, deep breaths, in and out, okay? Can you do that for me darling?” Luna asked soothingly.

“Yeah, I’m okay,” Hermione said, looking at Harry.

“Harry will be okay too, we just need to be there for him. Once you get to the shack if we’re not there yet just go sit with them on the couch, sometimes we just need each other you know?” Luna smiled.

“I know,” Hermione smiled back. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Luna pecked her on the lips. “And now I also know why Crookshanks stopped hanging out with us when we were being all coupled up,” Luna snorted. “He remembered his identity as a twenty year old man and got uncomfortable being around teenage girls in love.”

“Oh gods, why did you make me think of that,” Hermione’s face screwed up. “Out with you.”

“See you soon!” Luna said cheerfully.

“See you sooner,” Hermione smiled.


Out of all the emergencies that Meredith expected to have pulled her out of work, this was not one she would have predicted. 

“Well they’re not lying. These animals do contain the souls of James and Lily Potter,” Meredith admitted. She was served glares from the two animals in question, as though by daring to doubt them she had committed some grave offense.

“Is there any way to make them human again? I mean, if that’s what they want,” Harry asked hopefully, before hastily adding on the qualifier, looking sheepishly at the cat and owl.

“Hmmm, well there are a few ways, but they are a bit… dodgy,” Meredith hedged.

“Oh?” Hermione asked suspiciously.

“The easiest way is to have their souls possess existing humans,” this was met with vehemently negative hisses “which I suspected you would be opposed to. The next easiest way would be for you to learn to transform into a reverse animagus. Become human from your animal forms. I do not recommend this either. You would become humans your physical age, not your soul’s age, and neither of you wants to be a child, especially since I presume you would want to resume your relationship with Sirius and I know he would not want to date a four year old.” Shudders all around. “So that leaves the last option.”

“Which is?” Harry pressed.

“It’s slightly strange —” Meredith started.

“All of this is strange,” muttered Hermione.

“I like strange,” hummed Luna.

“I just want my parents back,” whispered Harry.

“It’s a combination of the first two ideas. You need to find two people that are willing to donate genetic material to grow a body that can be melded with to be an adult human-animagus form.”

“So couldn’t we just go to a sperm bank?” Hermione asked, after a long pause where they all digested that premise.

“A sperm bank?” Meredith asked, puzzled.

“It’s something muggles have, for when people want to have kids but don’t have someone with viable sperm that they want to have sex with, they have a process where you can pay to have a procedure where they inject you with sperm from either someone you know, or from the sperm bank, where they keep a bunch of sperm from people who have been paid to keep their sperm stored there for people to use in the future. It’s a whole industry, and it’s very expensive, at times discriminatory, and not something I really want to go through myself. Luna and I were just planning on taking a shortcut and having kids with Harry via magical means if the war ever ended rather than going through the hassle.”

Meredith looked equal parts horrified and fascinated. Muggles came up with the most interesting rituals.

“Part of the magic is the intent that the genetic material be willingly given, also there is no, um, sperm involved. It’s all blood.”

“Ah, well, that makes sense.”

“Anyway, wouldn’t the body have its own consciousness, though?” Harry interjected.

“Not if we do the procedure before the body coalesces its own soul. And it shouldn’t, not the way that we are making it,” Meredith replied.

“It’s own soul?” Luna asked, curiously.

“Oh yes, it all depends on the soul, that’s what we are counting on here. We want James and Lily’s souls to meld with the bodies, and that should allow them to transform between the human bodies and the animal bodies. That is, if they are willing?” At this, the humans all looked at the animals who, glad to finally be a part of the conversation, nevertheless nodded in assent. 


As it happened, it took nearly two weeks for the trio to get everything together perfectly. Firstly, they needed to bring into the fold Dumbledore and McGonagall. The two of them needed to approve all of the time travel the trio was about to do, would be needed to create cover stories for the two wholly new people that were about to exist, and would be perfect as donors for said people. To keep things within their circle it was Meredith and Xeno, who asked surprisingly few questions, who provided the remaining materials. And thus it became that on the same day that the wixen world granted elves more rights than they even realized, Jamie McGonagall and Liliana Dumbledore opened their eyes.


Declaring that house elves were beings was a planted seed that needed to be nurtured carefully. While those who knew its significance were aware of what it meant, they also knew how easily it could be taken away.

“You’re kidding,” Remus looked over Sirius’ shoulder at Elizabeth’s in the face of the mirror.

“I most certainly am not.”

“They actually let it pass?” Remus asked incredulously.

“Indeed, Dumbledore himself cast the final vote,” she confirmed.

“Wow, and do you think they know what this means, what they stand to lose?” Sirius asked intently.

“Oh I’m sure some of them do, but none of them dared to say the quiet part out loud, at least not enough to stop the vote going through. I think we might actually be able to do this, we might be able to finally turn the tables and make things right.”

“Have you told Dobby and the others yet?” Remus asked.

“Of course,” Elizabeth snorted, an action that both men thought was very unlike her. “Mary called them first thing, before I even called you. Anyway, I’ve got to go. Lots to do before the morning. I have to get caught up on all my other cases that I’ve let fall to the wayside. You two get some rest, you look like you need it.”

“Good night Elizabeth,” they both said warmly.

“You know, after all this, I think the two of you have earned the right to call me Liz.”

They ended the call, and Sirius stretched.

“It is getting late, the Wizengamot sessions run far too long into the night. Fancy a nightcap, Mooney? I know you have to go back to Hogwarts soon, but you’re always welcome here.”

“Sure, why not?” Remus smiled as they headed toward the sitting room.

“Sirius,” Remus began hesitantly as Sirius poured them both healthy doses of firewhisky.

“Yes?” Sirius asked gaily. 

“At Christmas, I heard something rather odd.”

“Oh?” Sirius raised an eyebrow as he took a swig of his drink.

“Yes, I could have sworn I heard you say that Hermione made a portkey,” Remus replied mildly, taking a sip of his own drink.

 Really now?”

“Mhmm, and I also heard you a few weeks ago talking on your mirror to Luna Lovegood about stock shares in muggle electronics companies,” Remus added.

“And you’re talking to me about this now because…?”

“I want to know what’s going on with those two and Harry. Because I’ve noticed that something is going on. I can see how tightly their magic is wound together. The three of them have been working together for a long time. They’re not normal teenagers. I somewhat wonder if they are teenagers at all.”

The silence hung between the two marauders as they stared at one another, neither of them exactly sure what to say. Finally Sirius began to speak.

“It’s not my pla-ACE!” Sirius fell out of his chair, his glass shattering as whisky spilled on the hardwood floor. His breaths became ragged as he gasped for air and he clutched at his chest, one hand fisting his shirt while the other rested on his knees as he knelt on the floor.

“Sirius, what is it?” Remus asked, panicked as he crouched next to his friend, hand on his shoulder.

Sirius looked up at him, eyes wild. “James and Lily.”

“Yes, James and Lily, what about James and Lily?” Remus asked, worried about the anguish he could hear in Sirius’ voice.

“They’re alive,” Sirius croaked, tears streaming down his face. “Lily and James are alive.”


Harry felt… conflicted looking at the people who had been bestowed the new names Jamie and Liliana. Jamie was tall, with dirty blond hair and dark blue eyes. The hair wasn’t the Potter brand of messy, but instead laid fairly flat, curling around the edges. Liliana was short, with hazel eyes and curly red hair. 

Technically the bodies could have looked like anything, they had magic after all, but they decided to base the appearances off of what people who naturally came from these genetic lines would look like, not that Albus and Meredith would ever naturally have a child, nor Minerva and Xenophilius. Nevertheless, they wanted Jamie to be obviously related to Minerva, and Liliana obviously related to Albus, as the forgery was going to be that they were their nephew and granddaughter respectively, both of them hidden from public view due to concerns regarding the war with Voldemort and magic that was slow to show itself but nevertheless there.

The story would be that both children would have been thought to be squibs and raised in the non-magical world, only to show magical power too late in life to attend Hogwarts, and so were home-raised. They would thus be taking their OWLS this year despite being supposedly 21, and advance to NEWTS the next. 

While Harry knew that Jamie and Liliana couldn’t look like James and Lily, not unless they wanted to answer a whole lot of questions that really shouldn’t be public knowledge, it nevertheless saddened him that he would not look like his father, or have his mother’s eyes. Still, he was happy to have them alive again, at least until they gasped awake with looks of such extreme distress that everyone around them couldn’t help but be supremely alarmed.

“We’ve made a terrible mistake,” Liliana croaked as she sat up, limbs unfamiliar.

“Here, have some water,” Luna insisted kindly, Hermione also giving a glass to Jamie, who shook as he attempted to sit up.

“We have to get to Sirius, or you have to get him here,” Jamie said, the words coming out thick and unfamiliar, not having spoken with a human mouth in twelve years.

“We should have told him, he should have been here!” Liliana saw Harry and froze, before hastily making a move to stand up, but fell to the floor, legs shaky as she had forgotten how to move with human appendages. Harry grabbed her in what was the first hug he remembered receiving from his mother. She was crying as she held him tightly, stroking his Harry.

“Oh Harry, my sweet baby boy, look at you, I love you so much, I’m so sorry.”

“Mum, you don’t have to apologize,” Harry said thickly. “You died for me, I lived because of you, because of both of you.” Harry held her tightly, his own tears coming down as Jamie shakily got out of bed and enveloped both of them in an enjoined hug. 

“I love you both so much.”


Sirius did not know what to do or how to feel. He did not know what he was feeling, he had not felt it in so long. But the bond that had tied him to James and Lily, dormant for the past twelve, nearly thirteen years, had just roared to life again, as strong as the day that they had pledged themselves to one another. How could this be?

“What do you mean that James and Lily are alive? How could James and Lily be alive? And what does this have to do with Harry, Hermione, and Luna?” 

Remus was talking to him, Remus was asking him questions, questions about Harry, their son, Harry, oh gods, how would Harry react if his other parents were alive ?

Sirius’ brain was going around in circles, and he didn’t know how long it would take for it to settle down, his heart was beating so fast, too fast, it was like he could feel three hearts in his chest, three souls, James and Lily’s right alongside his. When they, the three of them had gotten married — not the ceremony that James and Lily had for their families, the actual ceremony that the three of them had done together — they tied their souls and magic to one another, promised to one another that they would be together until death parted them. And it had . Death had severed that tie. But it was active again, as though their souls and magic were active and alive once more. But how?

As he sat there for what might have been five minutes or five hours, and his heart rate slowed, Sirius took deep breaths and realized that the feeling was… different. Whatever this was, whatever he was feeling, it felt like James and Lily, but there was an undercurrent there, a strangeness, a difficulty that changed things. This wasn’t straightforward, it wasn’t what it seemed. 

“Sirius, can you hear me? Can you understand any of what I’m saying? See, I told you, he’s almost completely unresponsive, I don’t know what’s going on. I wanted to see if Poppy could tend to him, but she can’t leave the hospital wing with no one to attend to the students, which is why I went to you, Minerva. I’m surprised you’re up, thank you for seeing me.” That was Remus, talking again, and.. .McGonagall?

“It’s no trouble Remus, I was looking for Mr. Black anyway. Come along now, easy you get.” Sirius was being heaved up by a surprisingly strong Professor McGonagall, and both he and Remus both clocked into the same thing at the same time.

“You were looking for me?”

“You were looking for Sirius?”

McGonagall paused.

“Yes, I was. There are some people who rather urgently wish to see you, and I expect you will want to see them too. In fact you should have been made privy to this entire situation much earlier, but there were some unfortunate oversights. Come along now, you too Remus. I think that this will be informative for you as well, it’s not precisely my call, but honestly at this point I think you have seen and heard too much in general, based on my estimation of current and past events.”


Lily — Liliana, she kept reminding herself, her name was Liliana now — was nervous. This was a nerve-wracking and stressful experience in general, after all. Part of her just wanted to turn into a bird again — something that she could do, her Hedwig form was still accessible — but Meredith had advised that she practice being human some more, and the truth of it was that she was reveling in the sensation of having fingers, real fingers, and a voice, and the ability to touch her husband, and her son, and to talk to them, and to hug them.

And yet there was the ever-present ache, that pain which was dull and sharp all at once that reminded her that she had made an awful, terrible mistake when she had not fought for Sirius and his right to know about their return. Part of it was that she was embarrassed to be a bird. Part of it was that she was embarrassed to be returning as someone in their early 20s, feeling almost like a child compared to Sirius, who would be in his 30s by now. Not that he’d really gotten a chance to mature himself, having been thrown into prison within days of when she had… when she had died. She hated thinking about it. She hated thinking about how she had died, had laid broken on the floor with James dead downstairs, their baby bleeding in his crib, and Sirius, her Sirius finding them, finding Harry, and thinking their son to be blessedly safe while all the while Sirius was rotting in prison and Harry was raised by her awful sister….

A fresh wave of tears hit her as Liliana curled closer to Harry, for she was protectively clutching her son close to her on the couch where they were all waiting for Minerva to come back with Sirius. James — Jamie rubbed soothing circles on her back. If Harry was uncomfortable with his mother who was physically eightish years older than him and mentally sixish years younger than him crying all over him he didn’t say so. Luna and Hermione were on another couch in the sitting room talking quietly, which Lily had been informed was part of a safehouse in muggle Cardiff, while Dumbledore and Meredith played chess in another corner of the room.

Finally the fireplace flared to life, and Minerva stepped out, followed by Sirius and surprisingly Remus. 

“Is there a reason you brought Remus along, Minerva?” Dumbledore cut in before any other questions could be asked or answered.

“Yes, when I got back to Hogwarts Remus was already looking for me before I even got the chance to visit Grimmauld, Sirius was in hysterics. Remus already knows or has guessed enough that I deemed it prudent to bring him.”

“That was not your call,” Hermione snapped.

“But she made it anyway, so here we are,” Luna said placidly, though she also didn’t look particularly pleased with the deputy headmistress, who nodded in admission but was nevertheless defiant in standing by her actions.

“OK, can someone tell me what is going on here?” Remus asked, bewildered. “Why is Minerva even contemplating taking orders from a fourteen year old, where are we, who are those people and why are they having such intense eye contact with Sirius and does Lady Greengrass have to do with it all?”

“Let me explain,” Luna started, then paused. “That will take too long, let me sum up.” Hermione tried not to roll her eyes at Luna’s need to insert movie references as her wife winked at her.

“Hermione, Harry and I are from the future. We were able to accomplish this using methodology created by Meredith.” Meredith gave a tiny wave and a grin as Luna continued. “Dumbledore and McGonagall found out because of our time turner use. James and Lily’s souls were apparently housed in Harry’s pet owl and Hermione’s pet cat and their memories got unlocked when we travelled back in time. Meredith helped us create human bodies for them using the blood of Dumbledore, McGonagall, Meredith, and my dad. They’re going to pretend to be Dumbledore’s granddaughter and McGonagall’s nephew respectively. Sirius got called here because the three of them share a magical-soul-marriage bond that got reactivated when James and Lily got human bodies again and were no longer restricted to animal forms which bound their magic, any questions?”

“Lot’s actually —” 

“Great, let’s cover them in a different room while we let Harry and his parents get to know each other again, see you later y’all!”

And with the tidal wave that was Luna sweeping everyone up suddenly Harry was alone in a room with all three of his parents for the first time that he could remember.


There was a lot of staring. Harry had never been sure what it meant to “drink in” someone else’s appearance before, but he was pretty sure that he was seeing it live in action in this moment. It was in the way that Jamie and Liliana leaped from the couch as soon as Sirius entered the room, coming just close enough that it was uncomfortable for a stranger but distant for a friend. They could not stop looking at every movement that he made, looks of yearning and uncertainty. It was in the way that his eyes darted between them, as though he didn’t know where to look, confusion and hope in his gaze.

“Are you —” Sirius’ voice stopped as though he could not get the words out, as though he could not breathe.

“I’m the soul of the person who was named Lily Marie Evans-Potter-Black,” Liliana started shakily, “but this body is named Liliana Dumbledore.”

Sirius stood frozen for a moment before he bound over to her and pulled her tightly into his arms, with her returning the hug just as fiercely. “You’re my Lils aren’t you? I thought I’d never see you again.” He breathed into her hair. It didn’t smell anything like he remembered, but then again, this was a new body. Her magic felt the same though. As did that of the man standing next to her, who he knew just as well.

“I’ll always be yours,” she affirmed. “I never wanted to leave, I’m so sorry Siri, Jamie and I, we left you and Harry alone —” Sirius pulled her in even tighter and kissed her forehead.

“Jamie?” Sirius asked. For all his hope and certainty there was a well of resignation and despondency that the dementors had nurtured for twelve long years. 

“It’s me, Padfoot,” Jamie whispered, pulling both Sirius and Liliana into a joint embrace and lightly kissing at the tears on Sirius’ face. “We’re not leaving you again.”

“You look different, but I can tell it’s you, it’s always been you. How? Is this a dream? I never have dreams this nice. This weird, but not this nice,” Sirius laughed.

As Jamie and Liliana explained, apologizing for not letting Sirius in on the secret earlier — something for which they were instantly forgiven, as Sirius was never good at staying mad at them, especially not for something like coming back from the dead — Harry simply watched them happily. Other people might be upset or grossed out by their parents ignoring them for so long in favor of each other, but Harry was only overjoyed for them having this moment together. James and Lily died so young, and Sirius was imprisoned so young, that they were all somewhat frozen at ages younger than he was timeline-wise, but with the yearning that comes from years of suffering apart, and he would not begrudge them their first moments together again. 

Though when he did try to sneak off to give them a moment of privacy he was forcibly called back with an “OI! Where do you think you’re headed off to, young man?” from Sirius.

“I just thought you might want a moment alone?” Harry said.

“We’ll have time for that later. Right now we want a moment with our son. Group hug!” 

Suddenly Harry was squashed between all three of them, and while for someone else it could have been uncomfortable, Hermione and Luna had well accustomed him to tactile affection by this point, and these were his parents, all of them. And suddenly none of it mattered, the time travel, the weird age differences, the reincarnation, the changed appearances, the animal transformations et.al. They were a family, and Harry knew he was loved.

The movie reference is “The Princess Bride” and I could write an entire fic where every other line is a reference. It is such a good and relevant movie. But at that point it would just be a crossover. But actually that sounds kind of fun… Anyway, I hope that you enjoyed this chapter and that the feels aren’t too overwhelming. I HAVE A LOT OF EMOTIONS OKAY. SIRIUS DESERVES BETTER!!! I hope the way I brought James and Lily back wasn’t too weird *hides* I just couldn’t handle them being dead, it was TOO DAMN SAD after I wrote their backstory in The Original Trio of Tricksters. And YES I really have been plotting to bring them back since I wrote that in the fall of 2019, this chapter was a year and a half in the making and I am both proud of it and it terrifies me thinking about what y’all are going to think about it so… yeah. I hope you enjoyed? Also I wanted to unbury my gays. She-who-must-not-be-named didn’t want me to be great and I had to kill James and Lily in the name of canon but now they get to live and I pinky swear I won’t kill them again. Probably. At least not in this fic!

Fic Recommendation: Harry Omens by BanrionCeallach on Ao3. “In which Harry Potter walks into a certain bookshop in London weeks before his eleventh birthday. Alternatively: In which Crowley takes one look at small ten-year-old parseltongue Harry and instantly decides that he and his angel have a new godson.”

Left to right this is what Remus, Jamie, Sirius, and Liliana all look like:

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