JKR Statement

I am distressingly aware of the fact that the majority of my fanfiction is based in the Harry Potter universe, and that the creator of that universe, J.K. Rowling, has caused an obscene amount of harm with her words and her actions. As I wrote about on my main website, Words are Weapons. As a nonbinary trans person I cannot abide by what J.K. Rowling has done. I will not advocate for her books. I do advocate for fan creation and interpretation, but I no longer try to bring people into the fandom, I only embrace those who are here and who similarly feel the hurt I feel and who take comfort in the versions of the characters we have developed in our own right. We do not own the story in the legal sense, but we carry it in our hearts. Right now my heart hurts, and writing hurts. I don’t know how consistently I can post right now. But I will do my best to do justice to the characters as I know them and as I see them — through a lens that is ardently and unapologetically queer.