Never Underestimate a House-Elf Testimonial

GalacticLu, A03

Just giggling through this whole chapter. I’m particularly happy that [SPOILER]. I keep thinking that I’m going to wait until you have finished posting all the chapters before I read the rest of it. But then I can’t control my excitement when I see in my email that you have added another one. And thus, have to go read it. Very satisfying chapter to say the least!

sweetangieb, A03

Aww, Kreacher has a friend. I’ve never seen a fiction with Kreacher’s point of view before. This is awesome.

Persepinecone, Ao3

GODS this is so good!!!!!!!! there really is not enough harry/ron/hermione content in the world, and not only is this fic fantastic in that regard- its utterly wonderful in every other aspect as well!!! I really adore your writing style and I look forward to future updates!!!!!

Renate, Ao3

Whaaat the first in progress work I am reading in like over ten years. And I like it please keep it coming!