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Reader Testimonials

“love what you’ve done so far !! thanks for writing !! :D”

“Levi 😁!!!!!!!”


“Eager to see how you create this. :)”

“Omg I’ve been wrecked! Please continue!”

“Enjoying so far. Thanks for crafting and sharing.”

“Really splendid, I love this story.”

“This is so amazing! I’ll come back later when I’ve found words for how great this is…”

“Thank you for taking the time to write this story.”

“Ace represent!!!”

“God I love it!!*-* cant wait to see what will happen!!”

“This fic chains me”

“idk words are hard but heres my reaction to this series: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“That HURT ow now I’m sad”

GalacticLu, A03

Just giggling through this whole chapter. I’m particularly happy that [SPOILER]. I keep thinking that I’m going to wait until you have finished posting all the chapters before I read the rest of it. But then I can’t control my excitement when I see in my email that you have added another one. And thus, have to go read it. Very satisfying chapter to say the least!

sweetangieb, A03

Aww, Kreacher has a friend. I’ve never seen a fiction with Kreacher’s point of view before. This is awesome.

Persepinecone, Ao3

GODS this is so good!!!!!!!! there really is not enough harry/ron/hermione content in the world, and not only is this fic fantastic in that regard- its utterly wonderful in every other aspect as well!!! I really adore your writing style and I look forward to future updates!!!!!

Renate, Ao3

Whaaat the first in progress work I am reading in like over ten years. And I like it please keep it coming!

“This is interesting, and bizarre, and sublime. I hope to see more of it.”

“Good fic!”

“Oo, yep, they got thrown in the deep end on their first adventure though. But as the Tardis tends to take people where they need to go this seems right.”

“I went on and read the rest of the series. Glad to hear those are getting updated as well. It’s all so interesting.”