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Welcome to Jesmalestiel Tells Tales! Below you will find the various fanfictions I have written over the past few years, split up into series. This includes a few individual works in the Marvel, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and Good Omens fandoms, as well as three longer series. You can find summaries including pairings and characters for each story by clicking on the title.

The series Snap Back to the Past is currently two stories set in the Marvel Cinematic universe. The Marvel Cinematic Universe Phases 1-3 (Loki’s Version) retells all of the phase 1-3 movies that Loki is in from his perspective. It is technically canon compliant, with a few twists. Snap Back to the Past AKA the Infinity Stones Decide to Adopt Tony Stark is a time travel fix-it that fixes all the issues I have by sending Tony, Loki, and four others back in time. It operates on the basis of the “Loki’s Version” fics being canon.

The series A Trio of Tricksters is a collection of Harry Potter stories that includes several stories that can be read in isolation from the main text, so don’t let that discourage you! Though if you do want to read them all there is a recommended reading order.

Similarly, my series Lunar Harmony Through Time and Space is a collection of Harry Potter and Doctor Who crossovers that can be read in isolation, however in contrast to A Trio of Tricksters these can be read in any order because such is the nature of space and time.

I am distressingly aware of the fact that the majority of my fanfiction is based in the Harry Potter universe, and that the creator of that universe, J.K. Rowling, has caused an obscene amount of harm with her words and her actions. As I wrote about on my main website, Words are Weapons. As a nonbinary trans person I cannot abide by what J.K. Rowling has done. I will not advocate for her books. I do advocate for fan creation and interpretation, but I no longer try to bring people into the fandom, I only embrace those who are here and who similarly feel the hurt I feel and who take comfort in the versions of the characters we have developed in our own right. We do not own the story in the legal sense, but we carry it in our hearts. Right now my heart hurts, and writing hurts. I’m still having trouble writing and posting consistently. But I when I do I always do my best to do justice to the characters as I know them and as I see them — through a lens that is ardently and unapologetically queer. Right now fanfiction is the only Harry Potter content for me. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

Individual Works

Works in a series (including related oneshots)

Snap Back to the Past

My NaNoWriMo project for 2022, Snap Back to the Past, AKA the Infinity Stones Decide to Adopt Tony Stark is my masterpiece. I have created a Spotify Playlist and a Pinterest board, both of massive proportions that subsist entirely on vibes and are minimally curated as they are fundamentally just existing for the sake of contributing to the chaos. I also have a prequel story in the series The Marvel Cinematic Universe Phases 1-3 (Loki’s Version) that tells the story about what happened to Loki in canon from his perspective. 

A Trio of Tricksters

Lunar Harmony Through Time and Space