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A Moment in the Sun

A gold tinted background of Avengers tower. The "A" on the tower leads into the overlaid text which reads "Moment in the Sun" In the foreground are images of Ty Simpkins and Tom Holland.

Everyone knows that Peter and Harley are dating… except for Peter.

A Moment in the Sun is a series of oneshots dedicated to Peter and Harley, each of which I wrote with a passion that felt like a fever dream. The first two stories are incredibly linked as they cover roughly the same time span and describe the same key series of events, the first from Peter’s perspective and the second from Harley’s. The third story takes place a few weeks later, and lightly references the previous stories but can be read alone. The fourth story technically takes place in the same universe but can be read completely in isolation. I have included summaries and links to each story in the accordian below.