It’s Good to Have Friends: A Stark Industries Field Trip Fic

Summary: Life is good for Peter Parker. Now that he knows Harley is his boyfriend their relationship is going better than ever. Their friendship with MJ and Ned is thriving — as a matter of fact, the two of them are training with MJ to take over Stark Industries and Ned has a successful internship. The Midtown Academic Decathalon Team just won several awards at the National Championships. Unfortunately it all goes downhill when Mr. Harrington announces a field trip to… Stark Industries.


Yes you heard that right folks. It’s a field trip fic.

Author’s Notes: If you are here for the field trip fic of it all I don’t think you really need to read the first two fics in the series but they will definitely add some good context for Peter & Harley’s relationship!

I’m not really happy with this but I’ve been picking at it for so long that I’m sick of it at this point and I really just wanted to get it posted. Anyway, here is my first proper field trip fic, at last. There might be in this series after this, but I am gonna mark the series as complete because I have no idea when that might be and this feels like a good stopping point. There will be at least one more fic in this series that I am posting on Peter Parker’s birthday. Quite simply, I DON’T KNOW HOW TO QUIT YOU.

The nationwide Academic National Championship happens in the spring so idk what they were doing in Homecoming since that movie happened in the fall but oh well in this fic we are going with nationals happening in April because that’s what my research told me. Idk, I never did Academic Decathlon lol, though I did dabble with Matheletes in middle school—I skipped like 2 grades in math because I was (and am) a huge nerd. Anyway, onto the fic!

It’s Good to Have Friends: A Stark Industries Field Trip Fic

Peter was somewhat chagrined to find out that he really was the last person to know 

Everyone in their extended family already knew. That people in school knew was a given. Anyone who saw them in public assumed it. He was the last to know. Still, he could not find it within himself to complain, too busy basking in happiness from the fact that he got to enjoy the privileged position of being Harley’s boyfriend. 

What he did not enjoy was the way that Flash harassed them at school. As he had explained to Harley on the first day, the best way to deal with Flash was to ignore him. But only a few weeks after Harley’s birthday Flash had overheard them talking about a project they were working on for SI, and started up his previous complaining about how Peter — and now Harley — were lying about having internships with SI. 

The fact of the matter was that Peter and Harley were not just interns. They had been interns, but there had been an issue with the legal department regarding how many hours they were putting in, and so now they were part-time employees. Ned and MJ had actual internships with SI, but kept things quiet with how they knew Flash would likely react. Ned worked in R&D, while MJ, who had started out in legal, was now Pepper’s personal intern. Both of them were also frequent visitors to the tower on off hours, and MJ in particular had struck up a fast friendship with Abbie. By April, one of the two guest rooms on the Parker floor belonged to Ned, and the guest room on the Keener floor was permanently MJ’s. 

The taunting about how there was “no way” that Peter and Harley actually had internships at SI had gotten beyond frustrating by the time May rolled around. They continued to ignore Flash as best they could — he was not worth getting a detention on their records when they were applying to places like MIT that would want something spotless. Still, they were both irritated enough by it that they wished there was a way that they could convince Flash that they actually did work at SI, without having to resort to violence.

They got their wish after their team won several prizes in division I of the Academic Decathlon National Championship in April. AcaDec had been strained that year — with the return of the dusted, many people who had been on the team were returning to find that their spots had been filled by those who had survived the snap. Most problematically for the structure of the team was the fact that when MJ had been dusted, she was team captain, a position now held by Midtown Senior Allison Gladstone. 

Mr. Harrington, who prided himself on fairness, decided that he did not want to kick anyone who wanted to be on the team off of the team. But when MJ, Ned, Peter, and Flash wanted to re-join there was some restructuring. A mini-tournament was conducted and, much to her consternation, the current team captain, Allison Gladstone, was demoted to an alternate position. Given that an alternate was obviously not able to hold the position of captain, MJ was given her old position back. Given that no one on the team particularly liked Allison, and MJ was one of the most well-liked students in the school, despite how reclusive she was, there was little protest from anyone aside from Allison herself.

Still, there was a tension present between team members when Mr. Harrington made his announcement.

“Now team, I’d like to congratulate you all again over how well we did at Nationals. You have accomplished a great deal representing not only Midtown, but also by showcasing yourselves as the fantastic academic achievers that I know you to be. Please give yourselves a round of applause.” Mr. Harrington was positively brimming with excitement. Peter, Harley, MJ, and Ned all gave each other curious looks as they clapped, each of them wondering if the others knew what had the teacher so hyped up.

“Now, in truly extraordinary news, I have worked with Principal Morita to get permission for us to go on an unprecedented field trip next Friday. This is one that none of you will want to miss, so please make sure that you all have your permission slips signed and turned in by next Wednesday, along with the attached NDAs.”

Peter’s eyebrows raised minutely. They hadn’t had to sign an NDA for a field trip since they went to Oscorp and he got the spider bite. Hopefully this field trip wouldn’t involve a radioactive spider. Or a trip to space. Or the collapse of a national monument. Hopefully this would be a nice, normal, field trip.

“We will have the honor of touring Stark Industries!”

Or not.

Peter and Harley had taken the Audi to school that day, so it was easy for Ned and MJ to slip in the back and ride to the tower with them. This was their usual modus operandi on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, which were Ned and MJ’s internship days. It would be an hour to get from school to the tower this time of day, if they were lucky, so they had a decent amount of time to discuss. By the time they got to the tower they were more or less confident in their plans but… even the best laid plans were often doomed to fail.

“Ha! Parker and Keener didn’t even show up today huh? They knew we would catch on to their lies.” Flash scoffed.

“Not that it’s your business, Flash, but Harley and Peter live in Manhattan, and in case you haven’t noticed, we go to school in Queens.” MJ corrected him, unimpressed. “They are meeting us at the tower to avoid having to drive for an hour just to drive another hour back.” Flash seemed to deflate before turning to one of his friends to start ranting in excitement again. MJ and Ned looked at one another and rolled their eyes before getting on the bus. 

Ned’s leg was bouncing up and down in agitation as they sat in traffic, and MJ placed a calming hand on his knee. “Relax, Leeds. We’re going to be fine. The plan, remember?” she whispered at him.

He nodded quickly. “Right, yes, the plan, got it.” 

MJ sighed. She was starting to feel less and less confident in the plan. 

“Ah, Peter, Harley, good to see you made it here alright!” Mr. Harrington called out as the class walked into the lobby where Peter and Harley were already waiting.

“Ah well, we don’t live very far from here, so it was a much easier trip than going all the way to Queens.” Peter’s reply was so genuine you would think butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth and it was only years of doing her best to make it look like she did not care about the world to keep from laughing. It was not far at all, considering they lived upstairs. 

Mr. Harrington walked over to the front desk to inquire about their tour, Peter and Harley walked over to where she and Ned were standing off to the side. “Very nicely worded.” Ned smirked.

“Why Ned, I’m sure that I have no idea what you’re talking about. Peter’s statement was 100% correct.” Harley replied with a devilish smile. 

Peter laughed as Mr. Harrington called them all over to introduce them to their tour guide.

“Hi everyone! I’m Joanna, I’m one of our public relations interns. I’ll be guiding your tour today, and I hope to show you a great time as you see what we have to offer at Stark Industries!”

MJ watched as Joanna’s eyes scanned over the faces of the students and froze when they locked eyes. Joanna was currently on very thin ice. While the rest of the Midtown students didn’t know it, Joanna was currently on probation and a hair’s breadth away from being fired. Joanna finally tore her eyes away from MJ, only to notice Peter and Harley. MJ could swear that for a moment the woman stopped breathing entirely at seeing three of the most senior people in the company hidden in a student tour group before the woman took a deep breath and forced herself to relax, all smiles again. 

The entire interaction had taken maybe 30 seconds, and MJ wasn’t sure anyone had caught it except for the four of them, who all looked at each other briefly in amusement. They all knew about Joanna. That is why they arranged for her to be their tour guide.

“Now, our security manager Mike will call out your names one by one and give you your passes. You have basic level one tour passes, which will deactivate once you leave, so do not go past the security checkpoint again until you plan on leaving for the day. That also means, however, that you can keep them! If you ever come on a tour here again please bring the badge so that we can recharge it. We prefer not to reprint badges if we can. If you do not want to keep the badge, please make sure to put it in the drop box over by the exit so that it can be recycled properly. We try to be as waste-neutral as possible at Stark Industries.”

The four of them knew Mike well, and he simply winked at them when he got to the end of the pile without handing them anything. 

“Why didn’t they get badges?” Flash asked loudly, pointing at the four friends. MJ sighed. Of course Flash was going to make a big scene. 

“We already have badges, because we’ve been here before. As Joanna said, they don’t like to reprint them.” Harley replied, his tone laced with the condescension of explaining something to someone whom one considers beneath them. Flash reddened, but before he could ask anything else, Allison piped up with a different question that MJ had hoped no one would ask, though she was fairly certain it might come up.

“What does it mean to have a ‘basic level one’ pass?”

“Good question! Everyone at Stark Industries has a badge, which must be carried with them at all times. The only people who don’t need them at all times are residents and frequent overnight guests of the tower, who have their biometrics integrated with FRIDAY, the AI who oversees the building. 

“You all have been granted a basic level one pass, which is what we give tour groups, press, and potential clients. It means you have limited access to specific areas when accompanied by someone with a level three badge or higher. An advanced level one pass is given to recurring clients and contractors, and they can be in select areas without supervision, though for some areas they still need supervision. 

“Level two passes are for interns, who start with basic and can be promoted to advanced. All full and part time employees get level three passes, with color codes to determine their department, with the exception of those who work security. They get level four passes. Level five is the highest level pass, meant for Avengers, permanent residents of the tower, and their guests. If someone has a level five pass they usually also have their biometrics integrated and so do not actually need to use a pass. I would have a level two advanced pass, but since I give tours I have a level three pink pass. Does that answer your question?” 

Given that Joanna rattled all of the information off in one breath, MJ was hopeful that not everyone would remember what it all meant. Still, she was anxious as they all took turns swiping badges and going through the checkpoint, Joanna demonstrating first.

“Joanna Miller, Intern, Pink Level Three. Welcome back Joanna.” FRIDAY’s voice was warm as usual, though MJ detected that it was perhaps slightly sharp when directed towards Joanna, though she was not sure if the other woman would notice.

“Roger Harrington, Visitor, Basic Level One. Welcome Roger.”

“Eugene Thompson, Visitor, Basic Level One. Welcome Eugene.” Flash made an irritated face at FRIDAY using his government name and stomped over to the bag check.

MJ let her thoughts drift until finally the dreaded moment came. The four of them had decided to go last, in the hopes that everyone else would be excited enough to be on the other side, or busy enough with the bag check to not notice. Unfortunately, Flash had gone first and thus was already done with his bag check. And was glaring daggers at them, waiting to see what the results of their pre-made badges would be.

“Michelle Jones, Intern, All Access Level Five. Welcome back Michelle.”

“Ned Leeds, Intern, All Access Level Five. Welcome back Ned.”

“Harley Keener, Manager, All Access Level Five. Welcome back Harley.”

“Peter Parker, Manager, All Access Level Five. Welcome back Peter.”

“What the fuck! How did you manage to hack Stark’s AI?” Flash asked furiously.

“Mr. Thompson! Language!” Mr. Harrington scolded. Flash scowled and turned away. Mr. Harrington looked at the four of them curiously but they did not return his gaze, instead looking toward Joanna, who was addressing them all again. 

“We are going to start the tour with a look at the museum, which was previously simply a walk back through the innovations of Stark Industries but now also includes the history of the Avengers…” 

MJ lost interest in actually listening to Joanna as she guided the students through the museum, instead pulling out her sketchbook to a new page and starting to outline the constipated look on Flash’s face as he tried to compute the fact that she, Harley, Peter, and Ned each had a custom all-access pass to the Tower. Victory was sweet.

In one of Peter’s favorite movies, Toy Story, there is a line in which Buzz Lightyear says “This isn’t flying, this is falling, with style!”

Nothing he had ever done before in his life, either as Peter Parker or as Spider-Man, felt more like it lived up to that statement. 

So far things the field trip to the Tower where he lived had not gone overly poorly. Their plan was a loose one, but it was succeeding, for the most part. Their tour guide was an intern that had caused some disaster on instagram that he was not 100% on the details but he knew it had gotten her on probation. As a result she was terrified of doing anything that would piss any of them off, and was highly unlikely to reveal their cover when she probably assumed they were doing an episode of “undercover boss” or some variation.

Their tour of the museum was smooth sailing, with the class gazing in awe at the exhibits, and only mild teasing from his friends as they looked at the Spider-Man exhibit. Not only did it show his outdated old costume, but listed a number of mildly embarrassing facts, including his fear of spiders. The whole experience was almost enjoyable . Even Flash was so busy looking in awe at all of the Avengers tech that he had no time to spend any time harassing Peter or his friends. Peter almost had hope that with the other boy now aware that they were not lying about being employees of Stark Industries he would give up his ridiculous crusade.

Unfortunately, Flash seemed determined to be a thorn in their side, and as they left the museum to head towards the next stop on the tour he began to once again pester them about how they had hacked FRIDAY in order to change their status when they entered. Peter found this utterly hilarious because Flash was actually correct, though not in the way he thought. Ned, their resident coding expert, had installed a patch on FRIDAY to change their Level Five status from “Resident All-Access” and “Permanent Guest All-Access” to a more ambiguous version. The change was a relief, even if it still revealed more than they would prefer.

Part of Peter was amused by Flash’s actions, as he knew that all of the posturing was only making things worse for the other boy. He was ruining any chance he had of working at Stark Industries, or anywhere affiliated. Truth be told, however, his primary emotion was simple irritation. The four of them decided to simply ignore Flash and his posturing, something which only made him more upset, but the last thing they wanted to do was to get into a fight and cause a scene at their workplace.

The next stop of the tour after the museum was the marketing and PR department, where the class would briefly learn about how Stark Industries promoted all of its cutting edge products and put itself forward as the most innovative company in the world. As this part of the tour was more of a lecture style, there was no opportunity for conversation or hissed insults.

Next was the R&D labs, however, which was going to be the first true test of the tour in many ways. The fact of the matter was that while Peter, Harley, and MJ were well known throughout Stark Industries, so far the only staff they had encountered that would recognize them were security, receptionists, and those from PR and Marketing who were all experienced in keeping their mouths shut when seeing things they weren’t supposed to and/or knew the stakes and risks towards the company if ignorant teenagers found out sensitive information about their positions in the company. R&D, however, was not staffed by security personnel, by receptionists used to seeing more than they should, or by marketing and PR specialists who knew the best way to spin a story. It was staffed by scientists who, while familiar with the need to keep secrets and experienced with NDAs, were about to have to lie about their supervisors not being their supervisors. And some of them were really bad liars .

“Alright everyone! Welcome to the first of our five R&D floors! We have a number of labs here, including multiple biomedical, engineering, and technology labs. We do not have time to enter all of the labs, so we thought it would be fun to take you to the StarkPhone lab, and give you all a chance to see if you could break anything!” 

Several students laughed at Joanna’s mischievous tone, and entered the lab excitedly. As promised, they were all directed into a testing room and handed a brand new top of the line StarkPhone each, given the explicit instructions to do their best to destroy it. 

The AcaDec team stared at the expectant technicians with wide eyes before hesitantly exchanging glances. All at once chaos descended as for the next ten minutes they threw their phones at walls, stomped on them, submerged them in the water tanks nearby, exposed them to flame from the nearby burners, and to no avail. When the timer went off and the phones were turned on, each one was fully functional, with only a few having small cracks. 

Peter had not participated in the endeavor, getting pulled aside to talk to one of the technicians about a new software update. Luckily everyone else was so entertained they hardly noticed, even Mr. Harrington. He could not have participated anyway, as he knew that despite the integrity of the phones, they would still be no match for super strength that was at a threshold above that of Captain America. 

Peter wrapped up his discussion with the technician he was helping just in time to hear Joanna explain that they would next be heading to lunch and he sighed with relief as it seemed that they would be getting away from the labs without anyone the wiser about their positions.

As it turned out, the problems came not from any of the staff, but at the hands of small children with time on their hands and smarts in their brains and mischief in their hearts.


They were settling down for lunch in the community cafeteria when Peter got an alert from FRIDAY. He was wearing his noise canceling earbuds — the small ones that were nearly invisible, so almost no one could tell he was wearing them unless they looked closely at his ears. They helped immensely to filter out the constant noise from his heightened senses. They had the added benefit that he could use them as a communication device with both FRIDAY and KAREN. 

“Mini-Boss, there is a situation you are the best equipped to take care of.” 

Peter, who had been about to take another bite out of his sandwich, immediately put it back on his plate. Ignoring Harley, who was in the middle of telling MJ and Ned about the latest prank they had pulled on Clint, he gave his full attention to FRIDAY. 

“What is it, FRI?” 

“Madam Secretary and the Baby Hawk have circumvented my protocols and left the family areas.” 

Peter stood up in alarm “Where are they? Who is with them?” 

“I’m currently monitoring them, but there are no adults present. They have made it into a common stairwell, and are between floors 65 and 64. You are on floor 63.” 

Peter was already moving. He grabbed Harley’s arm, dragging the other boy with him quickly. Mr. Harrington saw them leaving and attempted to question them but Peter simply bowled past him without an explanation, still listening to FRIDAY’s explanation of the situation. 

“Now darlin’ I don’t mind you dragging me off to spend private time but I feel like during a field trip to the Tower is not the best time.” Harley huffed as he attempted to keep pace with Peter. He did his best to work out but his boyfriend was a super soldier and he was not. 

“Morgan and Nate snuck off while Laura was on a work call and now they are sneaking through the public stairwells where FRIDAY can track them but not stop them. We’re the closest available adults she could contact in the building.” Peter explained shortly.

Harley was not a super soldier, but he would go a bit faster now that he had incentive. 


MJ was not sure what to think when Peter grabbed Harley without warning and ran out of the room. Sure, their plan was loose but it definitely did not include running off in the middle of lunch. She knew that Peter had communicators in his ears, so FRIDAY or KAREN must have notified him of something fairly urgent if he was willing to run off with no explanation and bring Harley with him. 

Still, it was a surprise to have them return with Morgan and Nate in tow. The two children were pouting and looked vaguely guilty, but smiled when they saw Ned and MJ. 

She heard her classmates whispering as some of them recognized Morgan as Tony Stark’s daughter, and wondered what she and another child were doing with Peter and Harley. 

Mr. Harrington walked over to them, his countenance strained. “Mr. Parker, Mr. Keener. Would you please explain where you went, and why you came back with small children?”

“FRIDAY alerted me that Morgan and Nate were without adult supervision and that we needed to retrieve them until their caretaker was available again.” Peter replied calmly. 

“Why would Stark’s AI contact you if his daughter and her friend were in trouble?” Allison asked accusingly.

“Because Harley and Petey are my brothers!” Morgan piped up. Peter and Harley kept their faces blank at the reactions to those around them. 

“Brothers?” Allison asked dubiously. 

“Yeah. We have different mommies but we all have the same daddy.” Peter’s face was officially burning red at this point at the way everyone was looking at them. 

“Wait. So not only are you dating your brother, but you’re both secretly Tony Stark’s children?” Brandy Johnson asked incredulously. 

“He ain’t my brother.” Harley snapped. 

“Tony Stark isn’t my father biologically, or Harley’s.” Peter said carefully as he adjusted Morgan on his lap. “But he is close enough with both of us that we both consider him a father figure, and we both consider Morgan to be our sister. But we are not brothers in the way you are thinking.” 

MJ was on the fence about whether she should draw Flash, who was the definition of horrified as he realized that he had been bullying people considered family by Tony Stark , or Peter, who was red as a tomato trying to convince their classmates that he was not in an incestuous relationship. 

The moment was a tense one, as no one was quite sure what to say until Morgan tugged on Peter’s shirt and quietly insisted that he get her something to eat. 

They were all but done with lunch when the Cavalry arrived. Morgan and Nate had been telling Peter and Harley all about their morning in extreme detail as if the two teenagers had not said goodbye to them only hours ago. The rest of their Midtown classmates tried to look as though they weren’t listening in, but they were not trying very hard. 

Joanna had been unsure about whether to continue the tour with two preschoolers in tow, however she was saved from having to make the decision by the arrival of one Clint Barton. 

Above all else, Clint was a family man. Like Tony, he had retired from Avenging full time. He was tired of fighting. Still, he was one of the original Avengers, and while he did not go out on missions and prioritized his children, he was nevertheless a formidable presence in the room when he entered. 

At least until he had shrieking children climbing on him. 

Peter breathed a sigh of relief as they continued on with the tour. Clint had mostly behaved himself and honestly he did not reveal much more than Morgan had with his farewell remarks. “It’s your pick for family movie night, please don’t make us watch Star Wars again.”

He turned up the intensity on his ear plugs in an effort to block out his enhanced senses so that he could not hear the whispers of his classmates. He had no interest in gossip about himself or his family. Of course, that did not stop him from hearing about the next stop of the tour, which caused no small amount of surprise..

“You have all been offered a very special honor today! Because this class contains members of SI’s own community, you are allowed access to view the Avengers training floor and gym.”

Peter’s eyes narrowed. That was not in the plan. The only person who could have authorized that was Tony, and Peter had no idea what he could possibly be playing at. 

When they entered the gym, Bucky was fighting against Sam, with Wanda watching in the corner, her eyes narrowed. Bucky and Sam separated by mutual agreement to face the crowd. 

Wanda caught Peter’s eye. “Ты собираешься бросить ему вызов по-настоящему, брат-паук??” (Are you going to challenge him for real, brother-spider?)

“Я не хочу, чтобы другие знали о моих истинных способностях. Говорить по-русски мне не поможет, сестра-ведьма.” (I don’t want others to know about my true abilities. Speaking Russian won’t help me, sister-witch.) Peter glared, his response laced with irritation. 

“Думаю будет весело!” (I think it will be fun!) Bucky grinned. “Я никогда не смогу использовать всю свою силу, когда сражаюсь с Sam.” (I’ll never be able to use my full power while fighting Sam.)

Sam groaned. “Come on y’all, you know I hate it when you talk about me behind my back in Russian.” 

“Preferiresti che parlassimo di te in Italiano?” (Would you prefer that we talk about you in Italian?) Peter couldn’t help but interject one of his usual smart ass responses, forgetting for a moment that his entire class was present. 

“Alright, you want to be smart with me, let’s see how you do in the ring. Come over here Parker.”

Peter sighed and resigned himself to his fate, handing his backpack and hoodie to Harley. 

“I believe in you babe!” Harley shouted, and Peter rolled his eyes as he walked over to Bucky. 

“Не сдерживайтесь только потому, что они здесь.” (Don’t hold back just because they are here.) Bucky made a gesture towards Peter’s classmates. 

Peter snorted as they began to circle one another . “Даже если бы я сдерживался, я все равно мог бы победить тебя, старик.” (Even if I held back, I could still beat you, old man.)

Bucky’s eyes narrowed and he cracked his knuckles. “We’ll see about that, ребенок-паук” (baby spider)

Peter made a face and lunged into an attack. They moved so fast that the senior class could barely keep up. While this was a familiar sight for Harley, who often watched Peter train and was simply appreciating the view, to the rest of the class they were witnessing a side of Peter Parker that they had never seen before. Ned and MJ were well aware of what Peter did in his spare time, but they had never been close to Peter in an Avenger setting. They worked with him in the context of SI, and Ned was Peter’s “guy in the chair”, yet they had rarely had the opportunity to see how Peter operated in a fight. 

When it was over, Bucky had Peter pinned to the mat. Or at least they thought it was over, until Peter did a trick that was too fast for them to see and it was Bucky who was forced to yield. Bucky laughed and tapped out, Peter letting him up with a smirk.

His face fell as it turned back towards the rest of his team, who, aside from MJ, Harley, and Ned, were all staring at him with varying levels of shock and surprise.

Harley winked as he tossed Peter’s hoodie back to him. “Nice work darlin’.”

Peter blushed and muttered indistinctly.

Sam took back the attention of the class, or at least attempted to, and gave a tour of the gym facilities, which the four friends tuned out. They saw that Flash was also not paying attention, instead looking at Peter with something akin to fear as it seemed to have finally clicked in his brain that not only did they have powerful positions here, but Peter was a physical powerhouse in his own right who could squash him like a bug if he so chose. 

The tour concluded with a Q&A with Tony and Pepper, as the most senior members of the company available to answer questions people may have about Stark Industries. The questions were fairly straightforward and innocuous until —

“Mr. Stark, is it true that both Peter and Harley are your sons, and how do you feel about them dating?” 

No one was surprised that Allison Gladstone was the person to ask that question. 

“Well.” Tony cleared his throat. “Firstly, I do not consider this to be an appropriate question considering its incredibly personal nature. I consider it invasive, and I think that you should strongly reconsider how you approach others and take their potential boundaries into account. That said, I will answer it as I understand that without you all knowing my perspective on this Peter and Harley may suffer from negative consequences when they return to school. 

“It is true that I consider both Peter and Harley to be members of my family. That said, I do not have any problems with their relationship with one another when they clearly love each other and have such a strong connection, especially considering the fact that they were not ever raised to be brothers and only met each other this past fall when they were both seventeen. 

“I think that this should be the final question. Thank you all for visiting. It has been a pleasure to have most of you here at Stark Industries.” Tony’s eyes narrowed as he briefly looked at Allison and Flash before smiling brilliantly and winking in the direction of Peter, Harley, MJ, and Ned.

As they filed out of the room and Joanna directed them all back to the elevator to go back down to the lobby, Harley pulled Mr. Harrington to the side and explained that he, Peter, MJ, and Ned had received permission to stay at the Tower at the conclusion of the tour.

Mr. Harrington, who was long since used to their antics, simply smiled and waved them off. So, as the class took the main elevator down to the lobby, the four friends took the private elevator up to Parker floor.

Once in the elevator Peter sighed and leaned against Harley, the tension draining out of him.

“I think that went well!” Ned smiled at them, bubbling with excitement. MJ hummed.

“I mean, it certainly could have been worse. We’re still going to have to answer a lot of questions on Monday.”

Peter cracked an eye open. “Yes, but no one knows that I’m Spider-Man, and they don’t know yet that Harley and I actually live here. It could have been worse.”

Harley laughed. “Oh let’s please make sure that we record it when Flash finds out that Peter is Spider-Man. That needs to be immortalized forever.”

The elevator doors opened onto the Parker floor and they made their way over to the common area. Peter quickly made himself comfortable on Harley’s lap on the long couch and Ned made himself comfortable on a bean bag. MJ went over to the mini-fridge to grab a soda.

“Anyone else want anything?” 

After all three boys gave affirmative responses she smirked, grabbed herself a diet coke and flopped onto the other bean bag. “That’s nice. The fridge is fully stocked if you want to grab those.”

Ned groaned as he got up from the bean bag to grab the drinks himself and Peter snorted, ducking his head into Harley’s rumbling chest. It was good to have friends.

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