Finding Family (Life is Good for Peter Parker) Chapter Six

Summary: What if only good things happened to Peter Parker?

A fix-it fic where nobody dies, Peter has friends and family who support and love him, and we finish it off with a classic field trip.

Note: This is chapter Six! Make sure you start with Chapter One. Happy Reading!

Author’s Note: If you just got the notification for a new chapter, make sure you double back and read chapter five!!! I posted them back-to-back

Chapter Six

The acadec team was whispering amongst themselves all through lunch. They had not gotten a chance to corner MJ and Peter the way that they had wanted to after watching that explosive meeting, because the two had vanished before they got the chance. After she instructed on how to use the credits they had been provided for their free lunches they whipped out their phone and opened the chat they had with Peter. 

SpideyGwen: omg Peter I’m so sorry! We got the conference room wrong and once they saw it was y’all no one was willing to leave

PeterParkour: no worries Gwen. We’re handling it. Tho we will probably skip the rest of the tour

SpideyGwen: ok if you are sure. We can make your excuses. FYI we are going to the gym after this tho

PeterParkour: noooooo can you move it in the schedule? Nat said she will only cover for us skipping the rest of the tour if we train with her 

SpideyGwen: I’d ask why Nat is in charge of whether you skip but she’s the black widow I’m not questioning her. Also how did you not know that we’re visiting the gym?? y’all literally had to sign a waver???

PeterParkour: i plead the fifth. Also she’s not that scary

PeterParkour: okay she is that scary. But you’ll need to get over that if you want to start to train. 

SpideyGwen: I still don’t understand why I need to

PeterParkour: you and miles both need training whether or not you want to go public 

SpideyGwen: ugh no I told you I need to focus on school. Just because you can do it all doesn’t mean we all can

PeterParkour: hey I’m not gonna judge if you want to keep things private but you’re subject to the accords regardless rn. Trying to get that fixed but you saw how Ross is being

SpideyGwen: yeah I kbow. Still stressful. Not all of us are Spider-Man material

PeterParkour: DW you’ll get used to it. But that’s why you need training

SpideyGwen: at least I got the stickiness under control

PeterParkour: yeah way quicker than me and miles. (I’m not jealous at allllll)

SpideyGwen: sure thing. You so owe me for abandoning this tour tho especially when I know you’re gonna duck after training

PeterParkour: yeah but you don’t have to face the music at school on Monday 

SpideyGwen: some of us left high school behind a while ago 💅

PeterParkour: lmao you know why I am staying

SpideyGwen: yeah and I’m not gonna question you. But I still can’t wait until you are full time

PeterParkour: ttyl , mj is being scary 

SpideyGwen: in other news it’s a day ending in y

Gwen sighed as she closed out of the text conversation and checked the time. There was still another 15 minutes of break and she needed to make sure she had more food. Ever since last week she had been ridiculously hungry all the time, but Peter told them that it was to be expected considering what happened.

As soon as she finished eating they called the group to attention again.

“Alright folks, I hope y’all ate well at lunch! We have one more lab to visit before a special surprise! Though if you paid attention to the waivers your parents had to sign, one of them might not be so surprising.” Gwen smiled mischievously at the group before waving them to come along.

Gwen continued as they made their way to the elevator, knowing that she would not be able to keep all of their curiosity at bay. “Now, this lab is not officially integrated into Stark Industries, but we were able to pull a few strings since you are Peter’s class and got the heads of the lab to agree.”

There were whispers between the class as they all wondered whose lab they were going to visit. Gwen did not elaborate, keeping a mysterious smile on their face before using her badge to open the doors to the lab. She opened her mouth to explain but was interrupted by a voice they knew well.

“Gwenie, where are you hiding my girlfriend and her sidekicks?”

Gwen’s eyes lit up. “Oh, so you’re official now?”

“Probably. She said her stepdad wants to do a background check on me but neither of us answer to white men.” Shuri’s eyes continued to roam over the wide-eyed acadec team. “But she is not here, so…”

“They had to join Peter to put General Ross in his place. Pete said Natasha has them training in the gym.” Gwen shrugged. 

“Oh, I’ll go join them then!” Shuri quickly departed and Gwen rubbed their forehead with agitation. 

“Um, correct me if I’m wrong, but was that the Princess of Wakanda?” Cindy asked timidly.

“Yes. She can be quite the handful to share a lab with, but always fun.” The group’s eyes moved away from the door to look at the person who interjected. 

“Holy shit that’s Dr. Bruce Banner!” Charles hissed, tugging on Abe’s jacket.

“Bruce! It’s good to see you! I didn’t realize it was your lab we’d be visiting today!” Mr. Harrington greeted, and Gwen saw the team’s eyes grow even wider.

“Hey Roger. Good to see you as well. I didn’t realize you had gone into teaching?” Bruce smiled.

“Yes, I’m at Midtown, as you probably surmised.” Mr. Harrington laughed, and the team looked at him slightly incredulously.

“Yes well, we should definitely have dinner sometime, catch up. Ask Peter for my number,” Bruce clapped him on the shoulder, and was that Mr. Harrington blushing?

“And this is Midtown! You’ve done very well in your past few tournaments that I’ve seen.”

“Oh my god Dr. Banner was at our tournaments! Abe hissed back at Charles.

“Do you have any questions for me?” Bruce asked, opening the floodgates as the team started questioning him about his lab and research. Even Flash was in awe. And the best part? None of the questions were about the Hulk.

After over an hour had passed, Gwen could tell that Bruce was starting to get a dry throat from talking so much and so she cut in before Emily could voice the next question.

“I hope that you all have enjoyed your time talking with Dr. Banner, however we need to get going to our next stop.” The team all looked disappointed, and many looked back at a waving Bruce as they exited.

“Now, I know that meeting Dr. Banner was exciting, but I think you will like this next stop just as much.Today we are going to visit the Avengers gym!” Gwen felt almost bad as she saw how overwhelmed the class looked. There were only so many shocks a person could handle a day. They entered the gym to see MJ and Shuri sparring furiously while Ned was taking on Sam and Peter was going toe to toe with Natasha. As they entered Natasha was pinning Peter on his back, only for him to break her hold and flip them over so that he had her pressed against the mat on her stomach.

“Молодец, маленький паук.” I yield. Well done, little spider.

“Я больше не единственный маленький паук.” I’m not the only little spider anymore. Peter’s eyes darted quickly to Gwen and the rest of the group.

“Я с нетерпением жду, когда вы объясните это.” I look forward to you explaining this.

“Мама-паук!” Mama spider!  

Natasha laughed in the face of Peter’s discomfort and turned towards the team, who were all looking at those assembled, shocked. Ned and Sam called their fight a draw while MJ pinned Shuri. The princess attempted to kiss her as a distraction, but MJ kept the hold, much to Shuri’s chagrin.

“So, who wants to fight an Avenger?”

“Peter is Tony Stark’s son and heir, who can beat the Black Widow in a fight and speaks Russian with her casually. Nothing phases me anymore.” Cindy muttered under her breath. MJ who was now approaching the group overheard and interjected.

“I’ll get you ten bucks, you’re wrong.” 

Cindy, seeing the glittering look in MJ’s eyes shook her head furiously. “No bet.”

Peter was surprised that he had yet to be confronted by the group. He mentioned this to MJ as they watched Natasha and Sam demonstrate some basic holds for the group. 

“They’re scared of you.” MJ rolled their eyes. “How did you not notice?”

“I’m not scary!” Peter replied, affronted.

“Keep telling yourself that.” She scoffed.

“I’m just your friendly neighborhood—” Peter paused, realizing that where they were was not exactly private. “Peter Parker.”

“Mhmm, keep telling yourself that.”

Eventually the team was tired out, and Gwen called them together for dinner. 

“It was good to meet Peter’s team. Stay safe!” Sam called to them as they left. Natasha had the same impassive look as ever, but winked at Peter as they left.

Peter, MJ, and Ned had decided to eat dinner with the rest of the team, but came to regret it when they received endless variations of the question “what even is your life?”

After dinner they were brought up to the guest floor, where they would be spending the night. Or at least the rest of the team and Mr. Harrington were. MJ, Ned, and Peter peeled off in order to avoid being up all night talking to their team. 

Instead, they went to the common floor, where Harley, Charlotte, Abby, and Shuri were waiting for them. Movie night was definitely the better call.

The morning dawned far too early. Gwen had come up to join them halfway through the first movie, so they rewound it for her. Of course what they hadn’t realized was that there was a sequel, which obviously needed to be watched as well. Eventually the only person still awake was Charlotte, who FRIDAY had quietly notified that Amy was stirring, and so she left to go check on her and actually sleep in her real bed, leaving the other seven to their sleep on the couches. 

Tony, Pepper, May, and Evelyn all decided that they couldn’t bear to wake them up and force then into real beds, but that didn’t stop Tony from waking them up early, or rather getting FRIDAY to wake them up early by instructing her to blast music at them. He left it up to her to choose the song, which he regretted immediately as she began to sing a cover of “Friday” by Rebecca Black.

Seven a.m., waking up in the morning
Gotta be fresh, gotta go downstairs
Gotta have my bowl, gotta have cereal

Seein’ everything, the time is goin’
Tickin’ on and on, everybody’s rushin’
Gotta get down to the bus stop
Gotta catch my bus, I see my friends
Kickin’ in the front seat
Sittin’ in the back seat
Gotta make my mind up
Which seat can I take?

It’s Friday, Friday
Gotta get down on Friday
Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend, weekend
Friday, Friday
Gettin’ down on Friday
Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend

“Thank you, FRIDAY, for your performance, however we are awake now!” Peter shouted, interrupting her singing.

“Of course, Peter.” FRIDAY replied calmly. “Happy to help.”

“As much as I love hearing you sing, you are aware that it’s Saturday, right?” Tony asked, eyebrow raised at one of FRIDAY’s cameras.

“Of course, Boss.” FRIDAY’s tone was mischievous and the teens groaned as FRIDAY started to sing again.

“This Saturday we’re gonna party all night
One we will remember for the rest of our lives
This Saturday we’re gonna do it bigger than we ever have before
I don’t want this Saturday to end
I don’t want this Saturday to end
I don’t want this Saturday to—”

“Beautiful as ever FRIDAY, never change. Though I’m gonna need coffee before any more music.”

“Of course, Potato Boy.”

When Peter, Gwen, Ned, and MJ returned to the tour after breakfast it was almost anti-climatic. The rest of the team seemed to have come to a consensus about not bringing up just how weird their lives were, and the tour progressed calmly no one so much as blinked when Pepper came out to greet them for presentation as CEO of the company and Peter slipped up and called her mom, or when Harley dropped by while they were having lunch in the cafeteria. They were not even surprised when none of the three friends boarded the bus back to Midtown, where the majority of the team was being picked up by their parents. 

As the rest of the team left, Peter said the quiet thing out loud.

“I think we broke them.” 

“At least Flash finally got hit by that clue-by-four he desperately needed.” Ned grinned. 

“Well I’m not going to dwell on that while my girlfriend came on a twenty hour flight to see me.” MJ sniffed, turning on her heel and walking back toward the elevator.

“Right! You two still need to tell us how that happened!” Ned called after her.

“Well, I should be off.” Gwen sighed. “I hope I didn’t embarrass you too much on the tour?”

“Nah, you were fine. But you might want to stick around a little longer. Peter looked pointedly behind her.

“What are you talking about leaving, I came all the way from Brooklyn for this!”

Life was good for Peter Parker.