Thor: The Dark World (Loki’s Version)

Summary: Thor: The Dark World from the perspective of Loki Silvertongue

Author’s Note: Hey besties! Remember that this fic is technically canon compliant, so there are canon character deaths in here. But I also have twisted a lot about what happened to suit my needs so even though it’s listed as canon compliant I added a bunch of extra stuff in that makes it a lot more interesting and to be honest some of it almost definitely did not happen like that in the MCU but I DO NOT CARE THIS IS FANFIC I DO WHAT I WANT.

Thor: The Dark World (Loki’s Version)

Thor put Loki in a muzzle before leaving Midgard, most likely for the safety of himself as well as the Midgardians. It was not as though Loki was truly subdued by the chains or the muzzle. Neither of them suppressed his Seidr, which surprised him, and he did not need to be able to speak to do magic. But Thor knew that if Loki was kept silent he would be less likely to anger SHIELD to the point that they would recant on allowing Thor to take Loki back to Asgard. 

Furthermore, it gave the Midgardians a sense of security to see Loki in chains, unaware that such flimsy material would never hold him. Loki had been captured, once again, because he wanted to be and had no will to fight against it. He would have to leave the Nine Realms entirely to escape Odin’s wrath, and truly he wanted to face the man again. 

Well, not so much that he wanted to face Odin, but he was curious about what the man would do. The Allfather had created his empire on subjugation. How had what Loki done been any different? Thor routinely courted war against Loki’s council, and yet his shining and golden brother was always the one considered “worthy.” There was no justice in that. Yet he did not think that Odin truly understood the concept of justice beyond his own word being law. 

More and more Loki regretted killing his birth father, and had regret for tossing his lot in with Odin. Clearly he had made a number of mistakes, and had he been in his right mind he would have done things much differently. He had many questions for Odin that needed answering, and the only way to get them was to return to Asgard. At this point he was doing so as a prisoner, but it would not be so forever. He was Loki Silvertongue, and truly nothing stopped him from getting what he needed from people in the long run.

What he underestimated was the rage that would fill him upon seeing the man again. It bubbled up beneath him, the tendrils snapping around his core. There was something about the man, about the betrayal he felt that made him feel wild and savage. He knew without a doubt that if he could he would kill him. 

Hello, mother. Have I made you proud?

She asked him not to make it worse, but she knew Odin better than anyone else. It had occurred to him during the fall that she was stolen as much as he was. Brought from Vanaheim as a war bride, she had been coerced into loving Odin. They had been enemies before she came to his bed to end a war. He knew that she loved him now, but how much of that love was tinged with the bitterness that came with minimal agency? It dawned on him that she was, like him, another stolen relic for Odin’s collection. Perhaps that was why they had always gotten along so well. He no longer truly blamed her for keeping the truth from him. He knew what it was to go against Odin. He was here in chains after all, and it was because he had tried to please Odin in the wrong way.

NO, Loki

Truthfully while Odin’s rejection hurt, what filled him with rage was how Odin had damned him when he took him from that temple. His birthright was not to die but to sit on the throne of Jotunheim. The worst part was that he knew it as well. Was that not what the Allfather had said when Loki and Thor were children? 

Only one of you can ascend to the throne. But both of you were born to be kings. 

He was born to be King of another realm, a realm he was stolen from. Was that why Laufey was so vicious? Why he had called Odin a murderer and a thief? Because he had killed his child and stolen the weapon of his people? Perhaps it was true that if Odin had not taken him Loki would not be standing before him in chains filled with hatred, but doing so from the throne of Jotunheim.

Loki could not deny that it filled him with warmth that his mother had spoken for him and argued in his favor before Odin. Part of him was filled with disgust at the hypocrisy of it all—he knew that if Thor had gone on a quest to conquer Midgard he would have been congratulated and aided by Einherjar, not brought back in chains. 

If Thor had attempted to end his own life via falling into the void Odin would not have hesitated to search every corner of the universe for him to verify he was truly gone. Thor would have had his motives questioned. Thor would not have needed their mother to speak on their behalf in order to be shown the mercy of a cell rather than the ax. Loki would not be surprised if, had he been Thor, the consequences would be that he would be restricted to his personal quarters, should there be consequences at all.

As Loki was escorted to his cell he reflected on the fact that he was still suffering numerous injuries, relying on his own ability to heal himself. On Midgard there had been no healer willing to see to him despite the fact that he had been repeatedly slammed into a floor, which he could respect that they would not wish to treat their enemy. 

Yet he had expected that upon returning to Asgard they would make a visit to the healing halls. Thor had gone, but Loki had been left in the company of guards. He did not particularly like the healing halls, but he could not deny that his Seidr could use evaluation by the Soul Forge given all that he had gone through at the hands of Thanos and the Other.

This was not something he would ever admit, however, and so he allowed himself to be escorted to the cell. At the very least it was a solitary unit, and it looked surprisingly comfortable considering Odin’s threats. He had no intention to stay there for the thousands of years left in his natural lifespan, but it would be acceptable until he decided his next move. 

Comparing it to the other cells around he noted it was much improved compared to the others, with a luxurious bed, comfortable reading chair and ottoman, and two small tables. He smirked slowly as he stretched out his wrists, finally free of their manacles once he was settled in the cell and the guards had departed. He felt the echo of magic and turned to see a projection of his mother than he knew instinctively would be visible to no one but himself. 

“I trust this is your doing?”

“Did you really think that I would be stopped from doing everything in my power to aid you?” Frigga asked with a raised eyebrow. “I know you, Loki. These actions are most unlike you.”

“I suppose this is where I say thank you?” He deflected.

“Gratitude is appreciated,” she nodded to him. “Now tell me what happened. We have heard from Thor, but I wish to hear from you.”

“What is there to say? I have been lied to my whole life. I have followed the path that was laid out before me, done everything I could to be the perfect son and brother and it was never enough!”

NO, Loki.

“Oh Loki…” Frigga reached out a hand, and Loki fiercely wished that she was actually there. 

“It doesn’t matter,” he said bitterly. “I’m known as the god of lies after all. Why should my own life be grounded in truth either?” And if I told anyone what happened, who would even believe the god of lies anyway?

Then am I not your mother?

You’re not. 

Always so perceptive about everyone but yourself. 

Loki wanted to take back the words as soon as he said them. Frigga’s own words about his lack of ability to perceive his own self echoing in his mind. 

Weaving an illusion, she seamlessly turned herself invisible and into her female form and set a clone of her male form to the task of reading a book. Meanwhile, she herself curled up on the bed that her mother had given her and glared hatefully at all the other prisoners in the dungeons. Not that they could see her. She hated it here. Why had she ever wanted to come back to Asgard? She was clearly acting as the worst version of herself. Part of her wanted to return to Vanaheim, but she had thoroughly destroyed any life she could have had there. So now she lay in the dungeons of Asgard, alone. She wondered if Thor would let her out when he was king. For surely Odin would die sooner or later. Thor and Loki were young, sure to outlive him. She would not truly stay here for the rest of her life, unless her life were cut unfortunately short. 

Loki lay like that for she knew not how long into the night, though her clone was brought the evening meal, before she was startled to feel pressure on her bed. Sitting up, suddenly alert, she realized that someone was physically in her cell with her. Her eyes widened when she realized that Frigga was actually here

“Mother, what are you doing here? If he finds you physically here—” she grabbed Frigga’s hands in a panicked frenzy.

“Leave the Allfather to me.” Frigga replied calmly. “Loki—”

“You are my mother.” Loki cut her off before she could continue, and then hesitated. “I do not know how much time we have, what enchantments you have placed.” Loki could tell that they were strong. They directed away the gaze of anyone looking at them and shrouded Frigga and Loki so that only the clone reading the book was perceptible. She would not be surprised if even Heimdall would find himself redirected. 

“But there are things I need to say. You taught me everything I know of magic and while in some ways I have surpassed those lessons in many I will forever be a pupil.” She took a deep breath. “You must know that the balance of one’s seidr in the body can be fickle and can be twisted. My seidr  is… fragmented. Ever since the revelation and especially since my fall. My mind is not as whole as it should be. I would have asked for a visit to the soul forge, but I do not fully trust that my situation would not get back to Odin. Furthermore, when I fell… It was no accident. I am unsure what you were told, but it would have been easy for Thor and Odin to pull me back up before my drop into the void. But I let go,” Loki looked down, unable to hold Frigga’s gaze, not wanting to see the look of disappointment in her eyes.

“Loki.” Frigga’s voice was soft as she cupped Loki’s face in her hand before pulling her into a hug. “My daughter, I did not know.” She kissed the top of her head. “Please tell me… where did you land?”

And then it all came out. Loki did not hold back as far as what her own actions were on Midgard. Frigga was right when she said that it was her actions that brought her there. She had acted of her own accord on Midgard, and there were things that she could have changed, ways that she could have fought against Thanos and the Other that did not require the loss of so many Midgardian lives. 

In the end, however, Loki was not one to privilege the lives of Midgardians over an end to her own pain. Over an escape from the madness scratching at the back of her consciousness, the parasite that was the Other whispering in her mind.

“There is no point in explaining this to Odin,” Loki finished bitterly, exhausted at the end of her tale. “He will not lighten my sentence, for my actions are my own, and he will not care about how I have suffered, not when I am not his precious Thor.”

“He will listen when I speak.” Frigga insisted. “In this I will not fail you, my daughter.” Frigga kissed the top of Loki’s brow, and she reveled in the comfort of another soft touch, something she had not truly enjoyed since before Thor’s coronation, which was years ago. 

The moment was broken as they both felt the crackle of the bifrost. “Why would Heimdall be sending someone on the bifrost so late at night? It is late, is it not? I do not keep careful track of time, but I know a meal was brought in.”

“Yes, it is quite late, that’s why I was able to come see you. I do wonder who…” they sat in quiet companionship for a few moments before Loki reluctantly sighed.

“Perhaps you should go back to your quarters in case an emergency arises and you are needed?” She suggested.

“I love you Loki.” her mother pressed another kiss to her brow. “Sleep well. Things will improve soon, I will discuss everything with your— the Allfather and things will change, for the better.”

“I love you too, mother.”

Did she suffer?

Thor had never visited Loki in his cell. Truth be told, he had not ever expected a visit from his brother. But he would have thought that their mother’s death would have warranted a personal visit. He would have thought that he would hear about it from someone other than one of the random prison guards, informing him out of pity. 

He would have thought that he would at the very least be allowed out to attend her funeral, if only in chains, but no, instead he was left clueless. In his anger he destroyed almost every object in the cell, only to be filled almost immediately with regret as he realized these things were all he had left of her. His seidr was wildly out of control if he could not even manage to not magically destroy things out of anger. 

When Thor did finally visit him, after the funeral, Loki presumed it would be for some kind of commiseration. They were brothers after all. As much as Loki often acted towards Thor with feigned malice, he could never truly hate the oaf. Both of them could be incredibly hot headed at times, even though Loki was much better at holding it in and saving his anger to be released at moments that better suited his convenience. 

Yet as Thor stood in front of him now Loki wondered whether Thor had truly been pushed to his breaking point. Loki was showing himself at his most vulnerable, and yet Thor still insisted on demanding his help in committing treason against Odin, with only the promise that he would be safely returned to his cell afterwards. Ha! As though Loki would seriously agree to those terms. Loki would help, but not for the sake of the mortal, and certainly not for the sake of Asgard. 

This was to avenge his mother, and because it was a chance to escape from the absolute boredom of this place. With Frigga gone, there was nothing for him here. He had many questions for Odin, who he would love to see suffer for all that he had done. But he would settle for escaping from here, helping Thor, and then getting as far away from the Nine Realms as he could. He would make a new life for himself elsewhere, and leave it all behind. Clearly Thor no longer saw him as a brother, so what else was there for him here?

When he was run through with the Kursed’s blade the first thing Loki felt was shock. Then pain. He slid off the blade easily and dispatched the Kursed and in a split second evaluated his wounds. Miraculously, nothing vital had been punctured and the blade held no poison or spell. Yet, this was an opportunity. 

Even as he used his seidr to seal and clean his wounds he cast an illusion over himself to create an unnatural pallor in his skin, and make his wounds appear even worse than they were. He sunk into the performance of his feigned death and almost felt sorry for the pain he was causing Thor, who looked actually moved by his passing. Yet all of those feelings disappeared when Thor left with Jane to attempt to find passage off Svartalfheim, abandoning his body.

 Anger filled him then; at the fact that Thor would simply leave him to the ravages of the elements on a foreign world. He felt it when they were gone, through a portal to their precious Midgard, and sneered, letting the illusion of his being a corpse fall away. He was fully healed, which was no surprise given that he was an expert in the healing arts. This was a simple wound, nothing like what the Other and Thanos had dealt upon him. 

It was the thought of Thanos and his armies that led Loki to reconsider his plans. He was in the process of looking for a path on the Yggdrasil that would take him to where he could begin his travels beyond the Nine. Yet as he considered it Thanos and the Other were still looking for him, and they would be more likely to find him if he left the Nine, which he knew better, and it would be much easier to hide himself away in a place that he knew well such as Alfheim or Vanaheim. 

Yet Thanos was coming for the Nine, was he not? Loki had failed to get him the space stone, and had lost him the mind stone. The Nine would be unprepared for Thanos’ approach. If nothing else, Loki could not allow Thanos’ plans to come to pass. Loki was far from a hero, but he also did not wish for the destruction of the universe. 

No, the best thing for it was to go back to Asgard. Odin was the only one who had the power to do anything about preparing for the approach of Thanos to the Nine. There was nothing for it except that Loki would have to approach him, and maybe finally get some answers to the questions that he had had for a while. 

Deciding that there was no time like the present, and that Thor and the midgardians were most likely more than a match for Malekith, especially given that Thor undoubtedly had called upon those “Avengers” of his when he got back to Midgard, Loki took the form of an Einherjar and slipped through the paths of the Yggdrasil back to Asgard. 

Loki, gaining private access to Odin upon Hlidskjalf easily, spun his story of finding his own body, in reality the transfigured body of a dark elf. 

Odin was quiet for a long moment before sighing.

“You do not need to lie to me, Loki.” Before Loki could do more than open his mouth, Odin continued. “I am not going to put you back in your cell. You have no need to fear that.”

Loki scoffed. “I find that hard to believe.”

“It is true.” Odin sighed again, even more deeply. “I can see how I have failed both of you, my sons. My wife was right in more ways than one.” His eye drifted as he looked beyond the room, using the ability of Hlidskjalf to see across the realms. “Your brother has defeated Malekith. He will return here soon. When he does, you will sit upon Hlidskjalf.” 

Loki blinked at him, confused. “Do you care to repeat that?”

“I grow weary. Many threats are on the horizon, I can sense them, though I am not fully sure where they lay. More cunning than I still possess is needed to handle them. You shall take my place and my form.”

“Of course,” Loki replied bitterly. “No one would accept me on the throne as I am.”

“I have done many wrongs.” Odin nodded. “It is not fair that I ask you to fix them. And yet, that is what I must ask.”

“Why not offer Thor the throne?”

“He would not take it. And you were correct that in many ways he is not ready. There is much that I have done in disservice to all of my children. And it has taken me far too long to account for it.”

“I shall do my best… father.” Loki changed shape from the Einherjar he was impersonating to Odin himself, who finally stepped down from Hlidskjalf. Facing his mirror image, he passed over Gungnir. 

As Loki settled on Hlidskjalf he watched Odin wrap himself in seidr and his armor changed to clothing suited to an elder midgardian. The king passed him what Loki knew the mortals referred to as a business card for a place called “Shady Acres” that claimed to be a retirement home in the City of New York. “If you need me, this is where I will be.”

“Why would you exile yourself to live among Midgardians? You have never had any sort of fondness for them. I have never seen anything less like you.” Loki asked cynically. Odin, however, just looked… tired. Loki had never seen him look his age and yet he finally did.

“I cannot stay here, not when every corner reminds me of your mother. She often said these past few years that Midgard seemed to have changed your brother entirely for the better.” Odin shrugged. “Perhaps I am hoping it will do the same for myself.”

Loki was not entirely sure that the logic made sense. Yet Odin was voluntarily exiling himself and handing Loki the throne, from which he would be able to enact his plans to prepare the Nine for the arrival of Thanos in Odin’s place. 

And it was clear that he would have to do so in Odin’s place, because the strong father that he had expected to find when he returned to Asgard was gone, with only a shell of a man in his place. Thor had told him that when they left Odin was prepared to let every last Asgardian die to defeat Malekith, and yet here Loki saw a man with none of that fight. He had lost almost all of his spark. 

Perhaps Midgard would do Odin some good.

“Very well then. I bid you farewell.”

Odin simply nodded, and Loki marveled at the fact that even after nearly eleven centuries he still could not predict the actions of his father. 

Abruptly, however, his mood soured as he realized that Odin had left without answering a single one of Loki’s questions or explaining to anyone the legitimacy of the transfer of power. Everyone was going to assume that Loki was a usurper again if they found out. 


Author’s Note 2: Anyway, this chapter is pretty sad so… go check out the next fic in this series Snap Back to the Past AKA the Infinity Stones Decide to Adopt Tony Stark because it’s a time travel fix-it and Loki is gonna get his chance to resolve things and avoid, you know, attempting suicide via the void, getting tortured by Thanos & the Other, Frigga dying, Ragnarok, strangulation, half the universe getting snapped etc. and maybe even find love along the way!

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